Keystone Leak in South Dakota

Keystone XL

CBJ — Part of the existing Keystone oil pipeline system had to be turned off after a 5,000-barrel leak in South Dakota.

The timing couldn’t have been worse with Nebraska in the throes of deciding whether or not to accept the expansion through its state. Other states impacted by the proposed extension have already approved Keystone XL’s route.

In a statement released to the media TransCanada said it discovered the leak in its pipeline in the town of Amherst on Thursday morning after its computer networking systems detected a drop in pressure. The cause of the leak has not yet been revealed.

U.S. President Donald Trump is a supporter of Keystone XL and provided TransCanada a federal permit in March, reversing former President Barack Obama’s decision.

Trump and proponents of the expanded pipeline say that it would help to lower fuel prices and create jobs in both Canada and the U.S. The extension would run from Alberta to refineries in the southern U.S.