Kiite Launches Kiite Academy, a Free Online Education Resource for Sales Professionals

WATERLOO, Ontario, April 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Kiite, a leading sales enablement platform provider, today has announced the launch of Kiite Academy, a free online resource hub for sales professionals.
Kiite Academy is a combination of online video resources, complementary assets, and self-assessments to help sales professionals grow their knowledge in key areas such as prospecting, conversational fluency, and sales process. Kiite partnered with subject matter experts to create a library of actionable content, all available at no cost online, to help sales professionals level up their skills.“Our flagship product, Kiite Playbooks, provides sales leaders and enablement teams with a platform to deliver business critical knowledge to their sales reps,” says Donna Litt, Co-Founder and COO of Kiite. “After analyzing the content across over 6,500 playbooks, we discovered that many teams are looking to upskill their members in fundamental sales skills, and we realized that we had the opportunity to create content to address these key areas and make it more accessible to sales professionals. We were very fortunate to be able to partner with experts from our networks who were willing to share their time and knowledge to create this content.”Free with a quick registration process, Kiite Academy offers eight courses at launch, with more content scheduled for launch throughout 2020. Each course includes several modules, and a self-assessment before completion.The launch of Kiite Academy complements Kiite’s other line of business, Uvaro, a tech sales training program that launched earlier this year. While Uvaro’s mix of online, in-class instruction and self-guided learning and assignments is geared towards established professionals looking to break into technology sales, Kiite Academy provides a more flexible, self-paced experience for those already in tech sales roles.“It’s no coincidence that Kiite has doubled down on training and education in 2020, with the launch of two separate but complementary education streams,” says Joseph Fung, Co-Founder and CEO of Kiite. “We fundamentally believe that there is a gap in technology sales. We’ve seen it time and again through our core Kiite business, where we realized from talking to sales enablement leaders that they’re not focused on the fundamentals of how to sell in the context of sales processes. We’ve even folded Kiite Academy content into the Uvaro curriculum, and our recruits find it so valuable to hear experts talk about these fundamentals, in their own words.”Kiite has partnered with a number of experts to create content for Kiite Academy, across a variety of industries and departments, including tech sales and marketing leaders, management consultants, revenue operations professionals, and customer success leaders. Kiite Academy content is software- and methodology-agnostic, and is designed to help sales professionals working with any tech stack or selling  framework.Kiite Academy is now publicly available. For more information or to learn about partnering with Kiite for future courses, please visit KiiteKiite is closing the knowledge and skills gaps for sales teams with two complementary lines of business. The Kiite sales enablement platform allows sales teams to capture, organize, and deliver the critical information needed to close deals, wherever it lives.Contact:
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