KKP Canada

Design & Print Center

As times have changed, so too has KKP Canada. Formerly known as Kwik Kopy Printing, the organization has undergone a rebranding allowing for greater flexibility in promoting its broad range of products and services – beyond the typical print shop.

With more clients and consumers shifting away from antiquated printing services to the technology advancements of the digital world, KKP Canada has evolved into a one stop solution for all your needs, from printing and copying to creative web design and full-fledged marketing campaigns.

“The Kwik Kopy name is a very strong, long-term brand in Canada, but it also did not lend itself well to the extensive services that we now offer,” Gigi Harding, CEO of KKP Canada, told The Canadian Business Journal. “We felt that it boxed us in too much in that we have moved from the printing company that we were in the 1980s to a full-service marketing company that we are today.”

Today, the KKP name better reflects the full suite of products and services that the company offers. Given its rebranding, KKP has shown its clients not only its flexibility but its expansive capabilities, from printing and distribution to promotional marketing and social media management.

Particularly interesting about the KKP rebranding is its timeline. When much of the printing services industry was battling with the dips of the economic recession, KKP was investing in how to better reach out to its customer base, taking the time to better educate itself on consumer needs.

“We are constantly learning, speaking with vendors, and watching trends, and as a result we were already prepared for the changes that were happening in the industry. We diversified our offerings prior to the recession, so it didn’t have a negative impact on us that it did with others in the industry,” Harding detailed. “Although print has declined, our new offerings have taken its place.”

Among the new added services, KKP has seen tremendous response to the sign business, a major new revenue source for the company. Large format posters and banners created by KKP Canada have also proven to be a popular product for client tradeshows, seminars, and special events.

Franchising Opportunities

In a diverse marketplace, KKP Canada has distinguished itself through its worldwide KKP network, which connects the company and its franchisees with clients around the globe. The franchising formula of KKP Canada cultivates success, from client satisfaction to an entrepreneurial spirit for franchisees.

Originating as a U.S. concept, the company first established itself in Canada in 1979. Given its more than 30 years of success in the marketplace, KKP Canada has the well-tested system and proven track record of a winning organization, from both the franchisee perspective and on the corporate level.

“We educate our franchisees to ensure that they continue to grow,” Harding explained. “Our franchising is a little different in that being in the print industry it allows for creativity. Our franchisees build a connection with the client, they work on their projects, their marketing, their goals, and no order is the same every time. It allows their creative juices to come out. This is a business-to-business franchise. Our franchisees are not standing behind a counter serving a doughnut, but rather they’re in a business environment with professionals.”

The national strength of KKP combines hundreds of years of experience, and as such the organization recognizes that its unique culture plays a key role in its long-term success. As Harding summarized, “It is difficult to define for many people, but it is about how we respect each other, how we treat our clients, and how we understand everybody’s goals.”

As the industry moves forward, KKP continues to pursue national opportunities, from added services to additional franchises. Growing its focus on digital, KKP Canada continues to meet increasing consumer demand for new media services such as mobile platforms and online applications.

“Part of our focus is to drive our franchisees to be marketing oriented,” Harding concluded. “We are constantly working and partnering with companies to better serve our business-to business (B2B) clients and our business-to-consumer (B2C) clients.”