Klover Sales


From palm leaf bowls to bamboo serving sets, Klover Sales offers products to fit every ecofriendly baking and food presentation need. The company focuses on promoting their biodegradable food service products to industry workers in all related markets.


Karen Mazer and Karen Fisher created Klover Sales in 2007. The partners saw the success of biodegradable food service products in France. They teamed with French Industry leader First Pack France. First Pack France already operated in much of Europe. Mazer and Fisher brought First Pack France’s products and business concepts into the Canadian market.

Klover Sales now acts as a business sector leader in Canadian biodegradable food service products.

A Winning Combination

Mazer and Fisher not only work together as business partners, they are also best friends. Prior to Klover Sales conception, the two worked together on a number of business and social endeavors. The duo views their close relationship as a key component to their success.

“We work so well together. I know her strengths, she knows mine. It’s so important to by in sync with your partner. I’m proud of her and I know she’s proud of me,” says Mazer,“We learn from each other every day. This helps our business expand and keeps a great communication network going.”


Klover Sales offers much of the same products as First Pack France’s eco-friendly line. The products originate from manufacturers in different areas of Asia and Europe. They arrive in North America through Packnwood, First Pack France’s U.S.A. company, and are subsequently shipped to Klover’s Toronto warehouse.

The company operates both as an online retailer and as a BtoB. They sell to all sectors within the food service industry, primarily restaurants, arenas, clubs and caterers.
“We ship across Canada using national courier services,” explains Mazer, “We apply the same shipping costs regardless of distance. We don’t want to penalize our customers for being located farther from us.  We keep everything online so it’s available to anyone who needs it.”

Klover Sales currently has no plans to expand into the physical retail market. Instead, they believe their product base is enough to continue to pull in more customers.


Klover Sales sells eco-friendly food service products as an alternative to disposable goods. The main products sold are made from bamboo, bamboo leaf, palm, wood, and sugarcane. Every item is compostable and created from renewable resources, or recycled and recyclable material.

Klover also aims at providing consumers with aesthetically pleasing products. Co-founder Karen Fisher previously worked as a stylist, providing Klover with the background to select and sell fashionable products.

“When a chef sees our product, they fall in love. They get something beautiful and ecofriendly. Chefs are artists at heart. They create meals that are pieces of art. We give them the tools to do that,” Mazer explains.

Media Influence

In recent years, Klover Sales has received substantial online media attention. Prominent blogs such as Gareth Carter’s ‘Men With Knives Catering’ praise Klover’s exceptional products and feature them in key posts. An article by Chef Michael Tong has also appeared in the Globe and Mail several years ago attracting interest from some of the food industry’s most prominent chefs and taste makers.  When customers are being reviewed or promoted in media, their food is often displayed on Klover Sales products such as in a Globe and Mail article about Couture Cuisine in recent years.

They also maintain a strong twitter feed with over 300 followers, a Facebook page of over 100 subscribers and use LinkedIn extensively. Karen Mazer and Karen Fisher initially used LinkedIn as a social networking and marketing tool to find and connect with food industry professional. LinkedIn has allowed them to keep up with their customers employment changes, and market their products directly to the country’s leading executive chefs. Today Klover Sales continues to utilize LinkedIn to both their company and its customers advantage, by letting their customers know when new products come in, and when their favourite products are discounted.


Corporate ‘Go Green’ initiatives have grown highly popular in recent years. With government prompts such as the LEED certification, many businesses have incorporated ecofriendly solutions into their business strategies.

This growth in environmentally aware products transferred into the food service industry, pushing many chefs to search for biodegradable goods. With hundreds of green food service suppliers within North American, Klover Sales faces intensive competition.

Klover’s key differentiator sits in the amount of products it supplies and its marketing strategies. Klover offers over 100 different biodegradable and compostable products, allowing them to meet every food service business’s need.

Klover also focuses on presenting its products in an attractive way. Every product on the Klover Sales website is accompanied by an attractive photo and description. The easy-to-navigate layout allows customers to shop by product type or service need. This makes shopping easy and convenient for consumers at any computer proficiency level.

The company catalogue offers even more ways to find product information.

“My partner [Fisher] is amazing at figuring out which chef needs which product, explains Mazer, “She’s a great saleswoman. She’s got a great eye for style.”


Mazer and Fisher plan for Klover Sales to continue growing. The company has seen substantial continual growth since their inception six years ago. The company plans to continue to penetrate the Canadian food industry market, offering more ecofriendly product to concerned consumers.

The partners attribute much of their success to the products’ unique qualities. They believe in presenting their goods in an effective way to push sales forward.
“The products tend to sell themselves,” says Mazer, “Our customers talk, we become popular through word-of-mouth. This is how we receive most of our growth. People who like our product tell others.”

“We do some other marketing initiatives as well. We use a ton of social media. Our Facebook page is extremely active and we get a lot of traction from that. We also attend a lot of conventions to get our name out there. But most of all, we just like to build our customer base one-by-one, with personal service to one customer at a time.”