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L.M. Temperature Control

Rental Equipment That Fits

Since 2000, L.M. Temperature Control has been a Canadian leader in offering tailored climate control and power equipment sale and rental solutions that meet client needs.

From specialized equipment, air conditioners, fans, chillers, dehumidifiers, heaters, power generators, and more, L.M. Temperature Control offers a diverse sale and rental inventory to solve any concern. Unlike typical companies in the rental equipment space – often the competitors of L.M. Temperature Control – the company specializes in offering customized solutions to its customers.

L.M. Temperature Control is committed to offering its customers timely and effective solutions, and it’s one of the reasons why the company continues to serve a satisfied repeat customer base. Over the years, the company has continued to pursue opportunities to grow in various markets, distinguishing itself with its wide scope toward project planning, from conceptual to completion.

Customer Care

“We’re very customer oriented, even on the little things like developing a more user-friendly website for our customers. Anything to do with climate control, temperature, or power, that’s what we do and we’re very good at what we do. A typical rental company hopes their solution works, but we don’t do that – rather, we develop a solution that works for the customer,” Diane Gouge, Sales & Marketing Manager with L.M. Temperature Control, told The Canadian Business Journal. “We want our customers to see us as a partner that can help make their project a success, because that means it’s a success for us as well.”

L.M. Temperature Control promotes customer service excellence. Customers have recognized this dedication, and as a result it’s a primary reason for the company’s growth today. Led by President and Owner Luis Salazar, who got his start in the industry with his father’s rental business, L.M. Temperature recognized a market need for specialized climate control rental equipment. Salazar summarized, “The company was meant to diversify my father’s business, and through the years we’ve grown to a point where it is now separate.”

Project Portfolio

L.M. Temperature Control markets itself as a unique solutions provider, serving its customers in more ways possible than your typical equipment rental company. L.M. Temperature Control points to this distinction as a key reason why the company stays ahead of its marketplace competition.

“There are other companies that offer the same equipment but they don’t go about it the same way we do,” said Mario Muscat, Vice-President of L.M. Temperature Control. “We look at the project to solve the company’s problem and then provide the equipment to solve that problem. We also heavily invest in our specialized equipment to suit our customers’ needs and projects, and that keeps us one step ahead of our competitors.”

As a result, the company has engaged in several interesting projects over the years, such as providing temporary power, heating, and cooling for the G8 and G20 summits held in Toronto in 2010. More recently, L.M. Temperature Control provided specialized equipment to perform underground ventilation for a revitalization effort at Toronto’s Union Station. In another project, L.M. Control Temperature implemented ventilation, air conditioning, and heating for the reality television show Big Brother Canada house studio.

“The house which the contestants lived in was not built with ventilation, air conditioning, or heating,” described Dustin Hubert, Operations Manager with L.M. Temperature Control, “so it was almost an afterthought when we came in and provided that solution.”

Road Ahead

Looking toward the future, the vision at L.M. Temperature Control focuses on growth mode. The company has seen steady grow of about 20 per cent annually over the last several years, and that is something it expects to maintain in the coming years. Salazar believes he can continue to grow the company’s market share, both in Ontario and in venturing across Canada with many new locations.

In doing so, L.M. Temperature Control recognizes that such a plan will be successful by maintaining the same core philosophy that has seen the company prosper over the years, in addition to its key market partners, such as Cambridge Mercantile Group, that have been instrumental in the organization’s growth.

Such an approach will surely pave the way for L.M. Temperature Control to reach its goal of becoming the top specialized rental company.

“When Luis started the business, he had a vision of where he wanted to go and how he wanted to get there. Since that time, he’s put a plan together and has counted on the team to work that plan, and we’ve been successful in doing that,” summarized Dan Williams, Rental Solutions – Sales Manager with L.M. Temperature Control. “The way we operate and function is very much a team approach. We focus on what we do and we’re adaptable in that we change with unique equipment that is new to the industry and we’re always staying ahead of our competition in terms of what is out on the market and in finding innovative solutions to meet our clients’ needs.”