LAVA Heating System


When it comes to advanced technology, the LAVA infrared glass heating system is an innovative, eco-friendly product.

Based on solar radiation principles, this heating panel product measures a non-intrusive 35 millimetres thick—comparable to a flat screen television. And unlike a regular space heater, the inferred panel does not create an electromagnetic force, and the quiet and efficient technology contains no moving parts. The panels, with the largest size weighing 35 kilograms, are considered stationary, hanging on a ceiling or wall. The product comes in various sizes.

All the panels are very optical, pleasing, single colours, customized with a picture or painting printed on the back of the glass, creating a specialized new technology that will withstand the temperature without exposure to fading. This issue, CBJ spoke with Erich Genseberger, LAVA CEO, in best profiling the benefits of this cutting-edge infrared technology.

Visually appealing

An aesthetically pleasing product, LAVA incorporates any portrait and colours desired and, as Genseberger commented, “whatever you like to see the most.”
Easy and ideal installation allows for the product to be used in restaurants, bars, homes, and hospitals, particularly an ideal client where “installations in post-operation rooms [is ideal] because after surgery when the body cools it doesn’t heat up that quickly with regular heating, but the inferred heating makes it much faster to get your body to normal temperature,” Genseberger said.

Energy savings

All production of the LAVA products is done in Genseberger’s native Austria, and then subsequently distributed throughout Canada and the United States. With all production done in Austria, it takes about four-to-six weeks for the supplied artwork to be added in the creation of these unique heating systems.

LAVA is environmentally friendly in that it substantially reduces a homeowner’s energy consumption, as it acts as an independent low energy heat source, with scientific studies showing that glass stores and emits heat better than other forms.

The technology lends itself for a total installation as primary heating source, because, as Genseberger noted, most houses today have “cold spots” that can’t be reached by forced air system, meaning this technology could then be used as a secondary heating system. The beauty of LAVA is that it heats objects and heats the body, working on the principle of the sun. There is no duct work.

Its ‘eTouch’ thermostat feature works on room temperature. Genseberger gives the example, “If you want your bathroom to be 22 C at 6 a.m., the thermostat will know when to start the panel.” The product can also double as a bathroom mirror, as an example, that gives you the benefit that it will never fog up when exiting the shower, as it the panel is the primary heating source itself.

This enriched interior design is a piece of artwork that provides not only comfort, but unparalleled performance.