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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LeanLife Health Inc. (the “Company” or “LeanLife”) (CSE: LLP) announces results of in-house testing of various product samples on hand.

Product News

The Company has a small laboratory facility to test omega samples. Recently the Company ran tests on various proprietary samples with a view to test oxidation levels. Both the Peroxide value and the P-Anisidine value were determined on a total of 9 samples. The range of results varied as a result of age (oldest 4 years), the character of the input ingredients, and the production method. The most important sample was 10 months old and representative of product available on the Company’s BioCube machine. The Totox value was 11.70. In addition, the ethanol level was less than 0.1%. Seven of the samples contained ethanol levels from 0.5% to 2.5%.  The allowable limit in Canada is 0.5%.

LeanLife omega-3 product is thermally stable withstanding baking and freezing temperature conditions used in the preparation of commercial foods. The Company has the know-how to use its omega-3 products as food additives for commercial food products. The following items, processing baked goods (breads, buns, cookies, muffins), noodles (pasta, ramen), beverages (fruit juices, smoothies, soymilk), milk products (cheese, yogurt, table spreads), processed meats (hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages), chocolate (snacks, bars, candy) are examples.

The Company’s omega product is plant based being extracted from flaxseeds and delivers a high concentration of omega-3 as a nutritional additive. Our products can be formulated as liquids, emulsions or powders. Our product does not impart a bitter taste or any noticeable flavor.

The Company wishes to reprice to 9,335,000 warrants expiring December 15, 2018, from $0.15 each to $0.075 each  and extending the expiry date to December 15, 2020.

About LeanLife Health and the Omega-3 Market

LeanLife Health’s products are extracted from flax seeds, a plentiful and non-animal source of Omega-3. The products can be used as a food additive or as a nutraceutical and have been used to make bread, noodles, cheese, yogurt, juice and milk products for the European market. LeanLife Health’s industry leading Omega-3 product formulations are of the highest quality and contain no cholesterol.  Products are available in oil, emulsion and powder forms.

The global Omega-3 market is expected to reach USD $7.32 billion by 2020, according to a report by Grand View Research, Inc.

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