Lennox and Addington County

Doing Business in Eastern Ontario

Situated on the north shore of Lake Ontario, Lennox and Addington County is home to prime recreational amenities, from an encompassing shoreline to lush forest lands.

The County of Lennox and Addington prides itself on its pro-business environment. Through partnerships with various financial and governmental institutions, the local community has developed a corporate atmosphere that is inviting and assisting to new and existing businesses. Tied with the community’s diverse economic base, these partnerships have proven attractive to the savvy business investors who have opened their doors in Lennox and Addington County.

Multinational companies like Goodyear, Bombardier Transportation, and Lafarge host thriving operations in Lennox and Addington.

In fact, it’s one of the reasons why the community saw little hardship through the recent economic downtown, according to Stephen Paul, Manager of Economic Development with the County of Lennox and Addington, who this month spoke with The Canadian Business Journal.

“Ultimately, we’ve made it easier and more affordable to do business here in our part of Eastern Ontario,” Paul said. “Everything from building permits and fees, to a considerable effort to keep our property taxes low, we’re making it easier to build a business.”

What makes Lennox and Addington County an attractive base for small businesses? The conversation starts with the local business coaching network that supports the community’s entrepreneurial spirit. The network serves as a resource for business professionals who strive to resolve the inevitable challenges that exist within the small business environment.

Additionally, the Eastern Ontario Development Program promotes regional economic development initiatives and is a catalyst for new, successful businesses and an overall prosperous community. The Eastern Ontario Development Program encourages business partnerships, project development, and community business innovation. It also offers monetary grants that support skills training development programs and technological innovation in business.

Project Development

Home to Canada’s first solar farm, First Light Solar, Lennox and Addington County has established itself as a hub for the solar development sector, with several solar projects underway in the community.

“The result has been significant spinoffs to our local businesses,” Paul explained. “We now have a company assembling solar panels. That’s been a great windfall for our community.”

The local construction sector will see a boost from the future addition of the TransCanada Power Plant, an upcoming $1.2 billion local investment that will create upwards of 600 new construction jobs within Lennox and Addington County.

“That impact will be felt directly by our construction firms and speciality trades,” Paul added. “Once the TransCanada Power Plant is up and running, there will be another 15 to 20 highly skilled jobs. That’s a great tax revenue base and great for future partnerships and relationships within our community.”

Quality of Life

Lennox and Addington County is home to an esteemed sense of community and a high quality of life. Not only is the county inviting for small businesses and investors, but it is also cognizant of the daily life of its residents.

Lennox and Addington County is an inviting, diverse community, highlighted by its visually appealing, historic landscape and array of recreational opportunities, the perfect blend to attract local tourism. Most recently, Lennox and Addington County has played host to major sporting events like the Canadian Junior Curling Championship, the Canadian Junior Fastball Championship, and the National Women’s Under 18 Hockey Championship, all major coups for this close-knit community.

Moving forward, the county will continue to distinguish itself as pro-business community, forming key partnerships with local higher learning centres like Queen’s University, St. Lawrence College, and Loyalist College, all of which serve as exceptional resources for local businesses. Lennox and Addington County is a community of choice for businesses and families alike.