Lionheart Display

The Heart of the Message

“Attention to detail.”

Lionheart Display President Paul Barker doesn’t hesitate when asked for the secret to the company’s success. With over 35 years of experience in the exhibit industry, Barker has turned clients’ concept for events marketing and tradeshow events into works of art with innovative design, graphics, lighting technology, fabrication, and attention to detail.

Award-winning Lionheart Display is a full-service exhibit company focused on custom booths. “This is our specialty and what sets us apart from the rest,” says Barker. “Our years of experience help us fabricate customized, unique exhibits that are built to stand the test of time. Understanding the need to stay current, we integrate modifiable elements within the booths design in order to change your company’s message from event to event.”

Lionheart Display partners with major clients such as Kraft, Benjamin Moore & Co, Molson Coors, and Mondelez International to make booths that epitomize the company’s values, corporate image, and strategy. Big or small, Lionheart Display works hard to give every client a booth that exceeds expectations and brings back business to the company.

“We see ourselves as partners; as marketing arms,” says Barker. “Where you differentiate yourself is by getting into your customers head and turns their ideas into a 3D piece of art.”

“As Benjamin Moore’s display company of choice, Lionheart Display supports Benjamin Moore’s public outreach to its various customer groups with displays of outstanding quality and ingenuity,” says Eileen McComb, Director Corporate Communications with Benjamin Moore & Co. “From design concept to delivery and installation at the venue, to breakdown and storage, each level of coordination is expertly executed.”

Full Service Operator

A turnkey operation, Lionheart Display leaves its clients to concentrate on their business by taking care of every aspect of the display booth, from design, fabrication, graphics, shipping, set up, take down, and even storage.

“We handle all of the logistical requirements, across North America, for each event our clients take part in,” adds Barker. “We have established and maintained first rate relationships with companies in all major cities across North America. Together we take care of all the installation and dismantle requirements with a focus on professionalism, overall aesthetic, and time management.”

Lionheart Display knows that trade shows can be in venues as big as 1 million-square feet, and it is important to stand out and create an ambiance. “As challenging as that is in a massive venue,” says Barker, “we accomplish it with leading-edge technology.

“We have very good partners whom we work with to create state-of-the-art booths. We’ve worked closely with Prism Tradeshow Lighting for 30 years and as a result of their expertise, I can say that our lighting is the best.”
Prism employs their own R&D to engineer and manufacture a portfolio of innovative lighting products specifically designed to overcome the unique challenges of trade show exhibit design and installation. They specialize in LED technology which is becoming more popular in the trade show industry, replacing both incandescent (halogen) and fluorescent lights.

“We love their selection of LED lights because not only are they very energy efficient and environmentally friendly, but they emit a bright pure white light  ideal for showcasing merchandise, produce significantly less heat and last longer than halogen,” says Barker.
Recently, Lionheart Display unveiled an innovative glass technology on a booth designed with Kraft. The display had a piece of glass which had an image of a jar of Kraft Peanut Butter. By touching the glass screen, a commercial for Kraft Peanut Butter played.

“The glass technology is a scalable technology and the interaction is customized based on each use case,” says Barker. “The graphics and interaction points are tailored to the product and its intended engagement approach.”
As fun as this technology is, its greatest value is in Return on Investment (ROI) metrics for the client. “Our clients need to see ROI and metrics with respect to that. Within that glass you can apply metrics that can, when prompted, give you data with respect to who is looking and for how long.”
As far as analytics, Lionheart Display has taken the approach of using the tried and true web analytics approach. “We are starting to treat the tradeshow booth like a website,” says Barker.  “Understanding where visitors journey gives us an idea what are true engagement points and where do they ‘bounce’ from the experience.  From that we can adjust and revaluate for future events or, alternatively, focus on more core experiences.”

The goal is to develop a final call to action such as register or purchase activity directly from the experience.  “With this we trust that the organization can tie this activity back to a customer relationship manager and include this experience as part of the overall ROI.”
Lionheart Display is passionate about creating an extraordinary 3D marketing experience for its clients. By always incorporating the industry’s most recent innovations, Lionheart Display takes marketing concepts to the next level.