Performance, flexibility and expertise

For over 20 years, southern Ontario-based structural steel fabricator M&G Steel has been contributing innovative and unique buildings to the Canadian landscape. With a combined total of over 60 years of experience in the industry, M&G has built a reputation as a leading fabricator in the Greater Toronto Area for taking on projects requiring the highest degrees of coordination.

M&G Steel operates out of a modern facility located in Oakville. Their 30,000-square-foot plant holds four 10-tonne overhead cranes, six two-tonne gantry wall cranes and holds a CNC Python five-axis robot, a CNC Plate Burning / Punching table and a CNC Angle-Master Punch Line. The company employs 25 qualified shop tradesmen, including CWB certified welders, experienced fitters, machine operators and painters.

The eponymous founders of M&G Steel are John Mark and Mel Grimes, both professional engineers who joined forces in 1987, after decades in the structural steel industry. Mark and Grimes set out to combine the engineering, design and project management typical of a larger organization with the attention and detail of a smaller firm.

Mark and Grimes have since stepped away from full-time involvement with the company, but the blueprint they created has served them well, through the ebbs and flows of the Canadian construction industry. Put simply, M&G provides premiere service where customers are satisfied with quality and schedule.

Brian Thompson joined the team 13 years ago, in 1997, steering M&G through a history of extremely exciting projects (the Royal York hotel, the Bata Shoe Museum are some examples). Thompson cites the company’s ability to provide turnkey solutions as the reason clients seek out M&G’s services. “From engineering to project management to quality fabrication and installation in the field, we offer a full, single-source structural steel supplier and installer, including engineering design.”

M&G’s niche is developing “tricky or complicated jobs,” and M&G excels in it. The company played an important role, for instance, in Waterloo’s Quantum Nano building. This 285,000-square-foot building valued at over $160 million dollars will be state-of-the-art facility, offering lab space to conduct Quantum Computing and Nano technology research.

“This job was not a straight-forward box,” laughs Thompson. Nevertheless, in May of this year, the company was the recipient of the Award of Excellent in the engineering category by the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction.  The project responded to the myriad of highly complex engineering challenges—a trademark of M&G—including open-column spaces, large cantilevers and complex mechanical systems. One of the biggest challenges involved in the project was the essential minimising of vibrations in sensitive research spaces.

“It was very gratifying, very fulfilling to receive that award of excellence,” says Thompson.  “As a company, we are very proud and honoured to receive that award. It was inherently a very challenging project, and the award at the end is an honour.”

The company’s broad client base is unique and commendable. Some recent projects include the Ford head office at in Oakville, automotive work for General Motors in Oshawa and Toyota in Woodstock, the Goreway power plant in Brampton, and the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Toronto.

The draw for these clients is the one-stop shop which provides complete drafting, fabrication, project management and erection services under a single entity. Those familiar with the construction industry will recognize immediately the benefits of such an operation. The ability to coordinate with the multiple service providers on any given project, to source equipment in a timely manner, to liaise with clients is imperative and a constant challenge, and one that M&G has been able to navigate with great success.

Project managers are assigned to each contract and they are responsible for the coordination of all aspects of development, from drafting to field installation. The team of project managers is handpicked for their expertise in engineering and steel fabrication, and manoeuvre the many moving parts of any build. Furthermore, M&G has concentrated on in-house technical capabilities, such as connection design, design-build and erection engineering.

M&G Steel has been contributing to the advancement of Canadian steel fabrication. The heritage and continued growth of the company continue to be exemplary beacons of business in the Canadian market.