Magic Maintenance

Janitorial and Consumables Management for Over 30 Years

Since the establishment of Magic Maintenance Inc. in 1982, Mike Giammarco, President and founder, has had a guiding principle to create one on the best working environments for his employees. This ideology was founded on the premise that front-line workers are the core to a successful janitorial services company.

With this in mind, Giammarco has instituted many objectives in recruiting practices and training initiatives to select his workforce. Monetary recognition, skills development and personal recognition provides the message that promotion and advancement is attainable for the properly motivated individual. The philosophy at Magic Maintenance is to develop a well-trained, educated and motivated workforce resulting in improved levels of customer service. Their practical and innovative approach to training and employee development has been designed to enhance productivity, reduce employee turnover and improve overall operational efficiencies. They celebrate employee successes and empower employees to have some control over their workplace. “If we treat employees as valuable assets rather than an expense, then our customers benefit from the quality and consistency of our services,” says Giammarco.

Over 30 years later, the company has proven the success of his philosophy. In the highly competitive janitorial services market – dominated by large companies – Magic Maintenance has been able to remain a leader in its field. They have been able to establish long-term partnerships with a broad spectrum of Canada’s largest companies including, retail stores and shopping centres, manufacturing & industrial facilities, pharmaceutical companies and power generating facilities.

“The market that we service, which is retail, industrial and commercial, is always competitive and pricing is a major factor,”comments Giammarco. “We never want to base our model solely on pricing. We constantly ask what we can do to set Magic Maintenance apart from the competition. We believe that we are successful because we are able to provide our clients with quality controlled environments with a content and motivated workforce thereby having consistently high quality standards”.

Controlled Environments

As an extension of this policy, Magic Maintenance features value added services for its clients unrivalled in the janitorial services industry.
With Automated Real Time Keeping, Magic Maintenance offers live clock in and clock out activity, alerts to the supervisors for absent employees, and dedicated office personnel monitoring the system.

“Our services include daily cleaning, food court staffing, porter and matron positions, as well as programs for carpet, floor and window care,“ says Luis Rivas, Director of Operations. “Technology such as our radio frequency task completion monitoring system allows Magic Maintenance to monitor our programs.”

“How do we support our clients in achieving their initiatives with respect to their janitorial services programs?” asks Giammarco. “We have to clean and replenish washrooms every hour. With our radio frequency system we have the tools to register the time, number and length of each and every visit to a washroom. With this system we can adjust and modify specifications to the needs of each site,” says Giammarco. “Our radio frequency task completion monitoring system has also proven to be an invaluable tool in defending insurance claims as well as increasing labour productivity.”

Magic Maintenance uses the latest internet based quality assurance technology to provide an open source communication and reporting system between itself and it clients. “We can use our quality
assurance programs to help clients achieve their goals. Our inspections can be tailored to each site and the open source nature of the system leads to transparency,” says Giammarco.

Green Initiatives

The fact that many of Magic Maintenances’ clients have been recognized for their environmental stewardship is a source of pride for them. “We do whatever we can to help clients attain LEED or Ecologo certification,” states Giammarco. “We use green certified products whenever feasible. Reducing water consumption, reducing chemical waste, improving cleaning techniques, utilizing efficient equipment and using recycled paper products are all part of our ongoing effort towards environmental responsibility.” Giammarco goes on to say, “As new green products and technologies are developed we will test their effectiveness for introduction into our daily cleaning routines.”

Consumables Management

Magic Maintenance knows that its clients need a turn-key janitorial service provider. “In order to meet the needs of clients a janitorial contractor must not only be able to supply janitorial services. To be effective, they must also have the expertise to develop systems which will help clients achieve their goals,” says Giammarco. One of these turn-key services would be consumables management. “We use our buying power to procure materials such as paper towels, toilet paper and hand soap for many of our clients. We will do inventory, order and stock the facility. This lets us obtain uniformity in product utilization.”

Magic Maintenance is a company that operates on relationship in every aspect of its operation. “The same type of loyalty we give to our employee we give to our customers and suppliers,” states Giammarco. “We have been dealing with some clients and suppliers since I started Magic Maintenance back over 30 years ago.”

“We monitor and track our performance and use the information we obtain to re-allocate resources to achieve our goal of continuously improving our programs and methods for delivering our janitorial services.”

Giammarco compares running a company like flying a jet. “It takes a lot of work and resources to get to flying altitude. By establishing great relationships and communication, and with all the systems we have in place, and our client centered approach, we will be in for a smooth flight.”