Magic Window

Embracing innovation

The typical conventional window simply wasn’t good enough for Sol Goldenberg.

That’s why, in 1979, Goldenberg summoned up all his entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude to open Magic Window, the Woodbridge, Ont., window manufacturer and retailer that wrote the book on improved functionality and performance.

Today, through effort and experience, Magic Window has emerged as an industry leader in the forefront of the next generation in window technology.

New to Canada himself in the 1970s, Goldenberg was employed in the window replacement industry. After seeing what he believed were deficiencies in the marketplace, Goldenberg started his own company. He knew that improvements in the market were required. It’s this conviction that led him to engineer a new, from-the-ground-up window, one that “solves all the issues of the conventional market, creating a different kind of window,” as Goldenberg observed.

Recognizing the glaring gaps in the marketplace, Goldenberg vowed that Magic Window would concentrate on the four underserved areas of the window replacement business: maximum security, less leakage and infiltration, the best window hardware, and the attractiveness of the window screen. Through extensive research and development, Magic Window provides products that are easy to clean and operate, are user-friendly and surpass all Canadian and U.S. safety standards.

This issue, Goldenberg spoke with The Canadian Business Journal about the success of Magic Window and how his innovative products define the market. The engineering is brilliant and from Goldberg’s perspective, there are only two kinds of windows: conventional and the Magic Window.

Engineered for performance

Improving day-to-day performance is what led Goldenberg to develop his own unique product line. Notable among those features is the Parallex rack and pinion system used in the major styles—hung, slider, casement, and awning windows.

“We applied the idea of a rack and pinion system to window technology. From the bottom to the top or the sides, there’s no handle. Everyone knows that cranks don’t work. We’ve solved all the problems of window operation,” Goldenberg said.

Goldenberg’s products are driven by their functionality and longevity. Drawing upon his vast knowledge, he adds. “Many of my customers tell us, ‘Don’t open the window. We can’t close it!’ But it’s such an important part of your house. You need to be able to open and close your windows. At any time. Let’s face it, ventilation is important. So is security. And so is escaping from a fire.”

The retractable screen is unique to the Magic Window. As Goldenberg summarized, “When you need a screen, you have it.” To Goldenberg, it’s much better than the standard conventional screen. He’s frank in his description, “It’s ugly, collects dust, difficult to remove, costly to repair, and hard to clean.”

The Magic Window is dynamic, allowing its user to maximize visual light, solar heat, and thermal protection.

Goldenberg acknowledges that the casement designs continue to lead the home window industry, though not without drawbacks of its own. But the biggest problem is with fixed windows. There’s no ventilation because these windows cannot be opened.

“When we’re with our customers, we take the time to explain how well all our windows are built. They’re so secure that it’s impossible to break in through a Magic Window,” Goldenberg said. “In fact, we’ve had people tell us that they had robbers try to break in through the Magic Window. When they couldn’t do it, they just gave up and easily got in through a conventional window.”

That’s why Magic Window is certified to the highest of U.S. and Canadian safety standards. No other Canadian product currently on the market can match Magic Window’s Grade 40 standards.

Not your ordinary window

But this isn’t your typical open and shut window. In fact, its extensive line of windows showcase an array of features designed with user friendliness top-of-mind.
“Just think for a moment…Would you put a crank on your fridge door? Your car door? Any door on your house? So why would you put a crank on your window?” quizzed Goldenberg.

From its Slide ‘N’ Hide technology, to Parallex product, to Thermal Blinds, and more, Magic Window truly offers it all.

Slide ‘N’ Hide technology allows every window to have a screen only whenever you need a screen. The Magic Window is the only window on the market without a fixed screen, providing consumers with a top-performance window. Thermal blinds prevent heat from escaping and cold air from entering. These maximize solar gain for the winter and block it during warmer temperatures. It’s this combination that Goldenberg describes as “giving customers the best of both worlds.”

Because the engineering is unique and relies on proprietary processes, these windows can be easily reassembled for easy cleaning.

Performance guarantee

So confident in his innovation, Goldenberg guarantees the Magic Window. “I don’t think there is a better window than this worldwide.

We tell people that if they find a better performing window, we’ll give the window to you for free,” Goldenberg concluded. “That’s our confidence in our product. There is nothing better than the Magic Window.”