Magnuson Ford

Go Further

Magnuson Ford is the premier dealer of new and pre-owned Ford vehicles in Abbotsford, B.C. Opening its doors in 2009, Magnuson Ford is an extension of an initial dealership, Metro Motors Ford, based in nearby Port Coquitlam.

Throughout its history, Magnuson Ford has made it its mission to establish a welcoming and supportive presence within the Abbotsford community, from supporting local causes and charities as well as actively participating in community events. Magnuson Ford strongly believes in giving back to the community.

“We make sure that we do a good job in our own backyard. We try to tie customers to the dealership where if we sell local we can see them back for parts and service business, so we try to do a good job within our community,” Layne Magnuson, Dealer Principal of Magnuson Ford, told The Canadian Business Journal.

“We are involved in everything we can do in the community, where we try to sponsor some of the bigger events happening in the city.”

Magnuson Ford has built trust in the Abbotsford community, making it a point to be a big supporter of a variety of local initiatives, particularly minor sports and the Abbotsford Soccer Association, which has since been renamed Magnuson Ford FC. The Magnuson Ford sponsorship is proudly displayed on more than 1,700 soccer jerseys each week. Magnuson Ford is also involved with the Abbotsford Air Show, the Abbotsford Agrifair, Folk Fests, and several local multicultural events in an effort to connect with its community. In fact, so involved with the local community, Magnuson Ford has added a Community Relations team to its staff for the purpose of engaging with the public.

Magnuson Ford is the dealership to which other organizations strive to be. Always leading by example, Magnuson Ford has been a leader in the Ford Drive One initiative, a program benefitting school and community initiatives, holding 66 events and raising more than $200,000 since the program’s inception.

“This is a very giving community and people notice who tries to be a good corporate citizen,” Magnuson summarized. “Magnuson Ford is not just another car dealer. We do it to help but also for the goodwill.”

Building for the Future

As part of Ford Millennium standards, Magnuson Ford is renovating its current facility in an effort to match the standard and to continue moving the business forward. Magnuson Ford understands that a modern dealership is a key piece in attracting customers and presenting a great first impression.

With an initial dealership in Port Coquitlam, a second location in Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley region seemed like a natural fit, with the area anticipating an exceptional growth period in the coming years, and this potential boost to the consumer base only means more positive news for Magnuson Ford. The expectation is that Magnuson Ford will grow alongside Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley.

“When our renovation is completed, we will be able to bring more vehicles into the showroom. We will have a better display area, plus an accessories area that’s more interactive,” Magnuson detailed. “From an operational point of view, as far as expenses go, the new building will be more efficient, so in the long run that reduces our other costs.”

Most impressive might be Magnuson Ford’s ability to build the company through the recent recession, which was particularly troublesome across the automotive industry. As Magnuson described, “It was a scary time to decide to do this. We had been talking about branching out for a couple of years before and you don’t always get the timing that you want, but we made our way through it. We have still been able to grow our business when many others in the market have gone the other way.

“You might not always see the profits every month that you hope, but you have to keep plugging away. We are now through the challenges. The future looks good with the new building and I know we will see an immediate increase from that.”

Magnuson Ford is committed to offering its customers a great selection of inventory, especially for buyers in search of the new top of the line EcoBoost engines that Ford has to offer. Offering improved fuel economy without sacrificing power, the Ford EcoBoost also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 15 per cent.

“Customers are finding different ways to get away from some of the maintenance costs of fuel and diesel. I see it especially in the big trucks, where we used to sell a lot more diesel pickups,” Magnuson commented. “We are always talking about Ford’s good emissions stories.”

Looking toward the future, Magnuson Ford will continue to develop its market share, provide exceptional opportunities for its employees, and steadily support the Abbotsford community.