Manifold Makes It Easy for SaaS Businesses to Configure, Manage and Distribute Pricing Plans From a Central Location With Free New Tool

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, April 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Manifold, the cloud-native marketplace company, today announced Manifold Plan Builder, a free pricing plan tool for SaaS businesses that provides an easy-to-use way to define and manage pricing plans.“It’s been far too hard for developer tools companies to actually sell their products,” said Jevon MacDonald, co-founder and CEO of Manifold. “E-commerce is hardly a new idea but the tools and mechanisms for selling products to consumers aren’t really there for business-to-business sales of developer tools. With Plan Builder, every SaaS business and developer tools company has access to a high-quality pricing plan tool to quickly and easily showcase their products.”Pricing and packaging are key activities every SaaS business needs to decide on and evolve to make money and grow, and they change as their businesses change. Adapting pricing and packaging often requires coordination across different parts of a business. For example, someone has to decide what to charge for features, another may decide how features are marketed and a developer implements them in a website and an application.Manifold’s Plan Builder makes all of these tasks possible from one location with minimal intervention as businesses grow and adapt their pricing and packaging; changes happen centrally and populate out to their pages, apps and other reseller channels. Customizable components can be configured with custom calls to action for different pricing plans, such as “contact us” or kicking off a provisioning flow in their billing system.“Making improvements to pricing and packaging based on our users’ feedback has always been hard and slow. It’s business logic that ends up embedded everywhere. It’s painful to update and inevitably ends up being inconsistent across platforms,” said John Willman, founder of JawsDB. “With Manifold’s Plan Builder, I’ve got this great new interface for managing my plan data, and my pricing page is always up-to-date.”SaaS businesses can click, drag and toggle pricing options in a standard pricing plan table that showcases their product’s features and plans. Once defined, deployment is as easy as dropping the provided Web Component embed code into an existing site. Changes to plans are then automatically reflected everywhere the Web Component is deployed.By defining and managing pricing plans centrally, testing different pricing options becomes vastly simpler. Plan Builder’s modern Web Component architecture provides a simple embed code to deploy the pricing plan table wherever providers need it, just like the analytics and customer support tools they already use. A GraphQL API makes it easy to access the plan details directly from code. Providers can use the method that best suits their needs, even as those needs change as their business grows.Plan Builder integrates with existing billing tools like Stripe using either URL redirect or custom Javascript. Providers can use the checkout flow or contact journey that best suits their business.Plan Builder is available as a Developer Preview today at Manifold
Manifold provides a cloud-native marketplace for developers and platform vendors. It connects developers to the best tools and services, wherever they might be, while connecting platforms to the communities that are building the future of software. Manifold was founded in 2016 and is backed by OMERS Ventures, Amplify Partners, Boldstart Ventures, Version One Ventures and Leaders Fund. For more information, visit or follow @manifoldco.
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