March 10 Editorial

The Olympics are almost over. Regular television programming is returning. And Canadians are left with the pride of knowing we are the best.

That feeling we all got when Crosby scored the game-winning goal will probably carry us for the next four years. It has to. Once the bills start rolling in, we’ll need something to hold on to—and what better moment than when we returned to pre-destined glory? CBJ is not in the business of being a downer, but as we dove into research about the financial impact of the Games this month, the cost of that abstract, yet palpable patriotic energy became increasingly clear. Our cover story explores the cost-benefit analysis of hosting the Olympics and what cities are really signing up for.

Maybe the question isn’t whether Vancouver will be in debt, because, chances are, it will be. Perhaps, instead, we should ask ourselves whether the price tag was worth the purchase. Although economics has the tendency to take the heart out of the matter, which is necessary, if you ask anyone at CBJ, we will tell you the blaring car horns, the communal cheers and the swelling pride was invaluable.

Thanks for reading,

Jennifer Sorlie, Editor
[email protected]