March 11

It’d be redundant to explain how important the Internet is for us at The Canadian Business Journal—access to the Internet is vital for most businesses, digital or otherwise.

There is not one company profiled in this issue that does not harness the power of the web in one form or another, from Michael-Angelo’s online shopping to Sudbury Auto Auction’s online retail component. Continued accessibility of the Internet is ensured by a competitive market, something that was threatened when the CRTC ruled that third-party ISPs must cease their unlimited Internet plans and subscribe to the same fee structure as the major telecommunications companies. It is our position, as illustrated in Capping Competition, that the CRTC’s ruling ought to be overruled by the government to allow for choice in the market place.

While government intervention is positive in some areas, in others it may not be. Public funds being allocated towards a hockey arena in Quebec has drawn the ire of more than a few observers. In Quebec City’s Public Funding Shutout, different funding scenarios, and their potential consequences, are examined.

This month, CBJ also presents the first collection of articles in our three-part Sustainability Series. We are highlighting endeavours in the business community focused on community and environmental sustainability, and this month bring you experts in the academic and corporate realms in exclusive interviews and contributions. Keep reading for insights from Canadian Business for Social Responsibility, leading Canadian universities, and onsite coverage of two big events showcasing milestones in sustainability.

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