Martino Brothers Collision CSN

“Treat your customers the way they want to be treated”

Jack and Vince Martino founded Martino Brothers Collision CSN in Toronto, at the corner of Dundas Street and Runnymede Road, in 1955. The garage and collision centre had been a staple in Toronto’s car repair and maintenance, and a pillar of the local community ever since. The garage has been expanding over the years and today – still standing in its original location – Martino Brothers Collision CSN spreads over three acres, with 2,000 square feet of workshop space, an acre of secure storage parking and a coin carwash. With its success, in 2007, Martino Brothers Collision CSN opened a second location in northwest Toronto, and today the company offers a full range of car maintenance supported by the workforce of 30 experienced mechanics and staff.

Jack Martino told The Canadian Business Journal, “We have been able to grow these relationships by being at the same location in Toronto for over 55 years.

We have built ourselves up to being a place to bring your car for honest quotes and exceptional service making it an experience that you will enjoy and your vehicle deserves. Auto bodyshop is an extremely competitive business, and one of our greatest strengths lies in our exceptional locations. While the bodyshops are usually tucked away in the back streets, both of our locations are situated on the main street and well-visible to public and major traffic and potential customers. Besides this advantage, we approach our clients differently. We don’t believe in ‘Treat others the way you would like to be treated’, we believe in ‘treating others the way they want to be treated.’”

While accidents may happen on the road, they do not happen at Martino Brothers. The brothers believe in straight business and honest business dealings supported by exceptional service provided by experienced technicians, restoring vehicles to the original factory specifications with utmost attention to detail and safety. To this Martino said, “We welcome our clients into our business as we would welcome them into our home. In this way we have a vested interest in doing the best possible job we can, we even negotiate on clients’ behalf with their insurance company to get them the fair claim they deserve. We are also very cost-effective for the clients with a smaller budget.”

To provide high-end service to clients, Martino brothers travelled throughout North America to receive the best training in the industry in all the U.S. major cities, from Chicago through Nashville, to Phoenix and Orlando. Talking and working with the industry professionals, the brothers analyzed and handpicked only the very best techniques and technologies that give clients the best service possible. “Our results had shown that 98 per cent of the people that visited our locations within the last five years had expressed that Martino Brothers have surpassed their expectations of a bodyshop. That’s why our Dundas location alone treats 1,300 cars a year.”

While most of the Martino Brothers’ work is done as insurance referral, the company works and fosters its relationships within the local community. “We are very fortunate to have great relationships with our neighbours and neighbouring companies. It is these relationships that fostered our growth through helping us land several fleet accounts – contracts with businesses with large automobile fleets that choose to contract their car bodywork. To provide exceptional service, we pick up, fix and drop off these vehicles as needed by the client. We currently have about five fleet accounts. We are also working with dealership associations, fixing cars for dealerships that do not have a bodyshop. We have built a long standing reputation in the community and auto repair industry that has merited us many accolades with various dealerships and insurance companies. As such, many insurance companies have us labeled as a ‘preferred repair facility’, recommending us to their clients.”

Community Cause

The Martino Brothers understand the importance of working and participating within the community, local and professional, and had been involved in charities and social causes across the board in Toronto. Jack Martino sits on the board of directors of the Parkdale Community Food Bank, a grassroots volunteer organization that distributes between 3.5 and 5 tonnes of food each week, serving some 3,000 people each month.

“Parkdale Community Food Bank is the key charity we support right now. We are raising awareness and finances for the unfortunate who require these services. Besides this we organize and host charitable community events, such as Charity Sidewalk Sale. The idea behind this is that all the neighbours get together and use the proceeds for charitable purposes, with Martino Brothers Dundas Street serving as the main hub of this event. We also run charity carwashes two or three times throughout the summer and the proceeds from these also go toward charitable purposes.” Besides humbly working towards various charities, Martino Brothers also support local sports such as little league soccer, baseball, and minor hockey teams.

Besides local charities, the company is involved with different aspects of the professional automotive repair industry. Jack Martino sits on the board of directors of Centennial College, supporting the school and its students through offering internships and employment to the graduates. In the past he also worked as a director at Toronto Collision Repair Society and Collision Industry Action Group, and led the Toronto I-Car Committee, a national trade association representing the automotive aftermarket industry in Canada. In this capacity, he was responsible for course work for collision technicians and painters for the I-Car training platform.

Established in 1955, Martino Brothers Collision CSN continues to represent a staple in the Parkdale community and in Toronto’s community of automotive repair professionals, treating its clients the way clients want to be treated, providing exceptional service, and looking out for its clients and community.