Martyn Bassett Associates

Recruitment Specialists

Martyn Bassett Associates specializes in sales and marketing recruitment. Collaborating with clients in the software sales business segment, Toronto-based Martyn Bassett Associates is a leading organization in sourcing top talent.

With more than 30 years of industry experience, Martyn Bassett Associates delivers the top candidates to meet its clients’ business needs. The company has established its niche in working alongside early stage software companies, where it sources revenue-generating talent – meaning the best candidates in professional sales, marketing, and product management.

“We’re very knowledgeable about a specific marketplace and it’s why we recruit top talent effectively,” Martyn Bassett, Founder and President, told The Canadian Business Journal. “We understand the marketplace, the trends, and we speak their language.
“Instead of a generic recruiting call, or the recruiter who works across multiple sectors, our clients know that they’re working with someone who knows what they’re looking for and who truly understands their marketplace.”

Marketplace Specialist

Early stage software companies excel in product development and in establishing a small customer base, but typically struggle to build customer and market knowledge. These startup organizations require a capable sales team to drive their business to the next level, and that’s where Martyn Bassett Associates comes in. Clients look to Martyn Bassett Associates to attract the industry’s top performers to their organization.

Given its strong marketplace knowledge, Martyn Bassett Associates is not your typical recruiting conglomerate or human resources professional.
“It’s about supply and demand, and the supply of strong sales talent is small,” Bassett explained. “Because of the reputation [of strong sales talent], they typically have a lot of options and should be identified as desirable people to have on your team.”

It’s a difficult task to persuade top sales professional to leave their current position. Martyn Bassett Associates highlights the importance of positioning a compelling case to attract top sales professionals to make a shift. As such, it’s important to sell the message of the interested organization and why it positions better against others in the same segment.

Martyn Bassett Associates’ proactive recruiting process identifies qualified candidates that match organizational needs. Every organization has specific requirements and set criteria for their search, and this is where Martyn Bassett Associates rises to the top.

“If you’ve got a problem with a specific area, you’re going to find someone who specializes in that area. It’s no different than picking a lawyer or a doctor; the same thing applies to recruiting,” Bassett explained. “The biggest misconception of the recruitment business is that we have a rolodex of great talent and that it’s just a matter of finding the right person. Someone could say ‘I have 100 people,’ but that doesn’t mean that those 100 people will look at that opportunity.”
Road Ahead

Moving forward, Martyn Bassett Associates will continue to work alongside early stage software companies and is excited to be part of the constantly growing IT market.

“The market continues to surprise. Just when you think that it has plateaued or tapped out, along comes entirely new levels of technology,” Bassett summarized. “We’re seeing analytics play a huge part, as well as mobile to mobile software technologies.”

Martyn Bassett Associates recognizes that emerging technologies will in turn create opportunities for its clients, plus new organizations, driving the demand for top sales performers. As a result, this will then increase the opportunities available to Martyn Bassett Associates.

Martyn Bassett Associates also looks to venture capital backed companies that have secured intelligent investment because there is high confidence that they will succeed.

“We’re looking at growth areas, organizations which may not have even started yet but are in the minds of engineers,” Bassett explained. “There will be opportunities for new products and we will look to help build the teams of these organizations. They will need to find great talent to be successful and that’s where we come into place.”
In the diverse recruitment industry, Martyn Bassett Associates prides itself on providing meaningful value. “Recruitment isn’t about having a rolodex or database of talent,” Bassett concluded. “It starts with research, identifying the people you want to talk to, and it is about being relentless in pursuit of great talent.”