Maru Group Publishes Eureka! The science and art of insights

TORONTO and LONDON, Oct. 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Maru Group (‘Maru’), the global technology-enabled market research and customer insights company, is pleased to announce the publishing of a must-read book for the market research sector, Eureka! The science and art of insights.
Authored by Andrew Grenville, Chief Research Officer of Maru/Matchbox, Eureka, explores the detailed steps that intelligence analysts, doctors, detectives, lawyers, psychologists, and other sense-makers have taken to combat their biases and blind spots. Their “eureka” moments of discovery provide a clear direction on how to elevate the quality and consistency of our insights today.Grenville leads the reader down a path towards insight by gathering views and experiences from a diverse cast of professionals who have one thing in common: they all must wrangle vast amounts of information in order to distill them down into an insight.“The worlds of science, medicine, the law and intelligence analysis provide great lessons for insights professionals, Grenville said. “Their efforts to efficiently generate insights while avoiding problems like confirmation and tunnel vision point the way for insights professionals to increase the value and impact of their observations and recommendations. Stepping outside our own field to learn from other sense-makers has been exciting and eye-opening.”“This book fits perfectly with our mantra that people feel, believe and think,” says Maru Group CEO Ged Parton. “As an industry, we’ve become far too trapped in the cycle of jumping to conclusions and often missing the true story beneath the data. We know from our behavioural science work that people are largely driven by their System 1 thinking and, often, the same applies for how market researchers generate insights. But if we follow the processes and roadmap Andrew’s uncovered in Eureka!, we can make new connections and unlock new understandings that make research and insight vastly more valuable.”Grenville is an industry expert with more than 30 years in the insights and market research sector. His prior book, The Insights Revolution: Questioning Everything focused on moving past outdated research methods. Eureka! the science and art of insights looks at the other side of the coin: how we can most effectively transform the information we gather into valuable insights.Eureka: The science and art of insights is available for purchase here.Contact:
Michael Cusden
[email protected]
About Maru GroupMaru is a technology-led insights provider. We deliver expert analysis and the latest innovations in insight services through our proprietorial technology platform, Maru/HUB.  We have a fully flexible service model; delivering an experience to suit our clients’ requirements whether these be full serve, assisted serve or self-service; or a combination. We have 3 separate, yet integrated, operating divisions. Maru/Matchbox is our insights advisory business, delivering end-to-end behavioral research projects using the latest innovations in insight generation. Maru/Blue is our industry-accredited sample and data services company, prioritizing known respondents to guarantee quality data. Maru/HUB is our unique technology platform that underpins everything that we do. 
About Maru/HUBMaru/HUB is an instant access platform that gives you meaningful insights to fuel confident business decisions. Maru/HUB is a fully scalable technology platform. It can be used for projects of any size, from small, ad hoc projects to enterprise-wide programs. It is powered by AI with first-class ingestion capabilities. Unlike other insights providers with bolt-on technologies, our team of experts has been building and developing our secure proprietary platform infrastructure for the last 15 years.

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