Matco Financial Inc.

Embracing the Evolution of Client Preferences

In order to provide independent best in class investment counselling and discretionary asset management, Matco Financial Incorporated (Matco) maintains a high standard and unique education, training and industry licensing requirement. Their mission is to provide a suite of well-diversified investment solutions designed to protect capital, exhibit lower volatility, produce income and achieve long-term growth, without exposing their clients to unnecessary or excessive risk.

Recently named Best Independent Investment Management Firm in Canada by Acquisition International, Matco has seen significant developments in the past year. Based out of Calgary, Alberta, the team continues to grow alongside their client base despite the impact of the energy sector, achieving 15-20% growth annually. Risk management is at the forefront of Matco’s investment management philosophy and ensuring their clients’ protection and growth of their capital regardless of the volatility being observed in the capital markets.

“The quality of investment management and client service are keys to building a robust relationship with our client base and in turn delivering on their financial needs. Matco has been able to provide competitive value added investment performance at half the cost of our industry peers,” says Jason Vincent, President and Chief Operating Officer. “We recognize technology plays a significant role within our industry and with it ever-changing we stay ahead of it to improve efficiency, performance and service. In the last fifteen years, we have seen the evolution of service standards as we cross from one generation to the next, and leveraging technology is becoming increasingly important for both us as a firm and our clients.”

Matco strives to give clients greater accessibility by employing technology, which has become an integral part of client service and delivery of their clients’ needs. Just as they customize portfolios, they are customizing service. “Our service offering varies and is catered to each client after an intuitive approach of accessing their needs.” says Vincent.

Along with this shift in technology, Matco has armed themselves with a diverse in-house team consisting of investment professionals and high-performance individuals. “For firms like us that are independent, it gives us great opportunity to be transparent and evolve as the industry does thus positioning ourselves on the forefront of this technological evolution,” says Vincent.

The company is consistently working diligently to ensure their current and prospective clients’ perception of Matco’s value, performance and service. “The industry, using technology, changes the economics of the business and it changes how you do things, which also mean pricing and fees,” says Vincent. They are able to offer a much higher value relative to industry peers.

In his 25 year industry experience, Vincent has not seen the pace of change be as accelerated as it is now. “Over the past decade, our industry has operated in a traditional fashion and now we are experiencing a technological evolution that is changing the business.”

Currently, there have been new firms surfacing that are targeting specifically the millennial client. Matco is quick to learn that their integration of technology advances will not only help them better serve their current client base but also expose them to a larger demographic. “Robo Advisor” is a service that uses highly specialized software to compete with wealth managers or investment advisors. Roboadvisors have two advantages: lower fees and 24/7 accessibility. “Matco’s low fees, proven performance and team of experts give us an edge within this competitive industry,” says Vincent.

Matco is also seeing a market shift with the boomer generation as this large group of investors is moving through the life cycle and entering retirement. “They require planning and they want to understand their financial situation in great detail, and what that means for their retirement,” says Vincent. “We are seeing boomers require income and safety, so the risk profile of a lot of boomers isn`t as high as it used to be, making risk management a priority and this is where we shine.”

As the boomers are driving a lot of the industry and market thinking, Matco tailors their approach with this generation. Boomers have a tremendous amount of wealth and require expertise to help with their financial planning and core investment strategy.

Matco’s corporate culture is extremely important as they are well known for their client focus, integrity and professionalism which allow them to build trust over time with their stakeholders. “As an independent firm, we are not all things to all people because we do not operate like a bank,” says Vincent. “We present what we are great at and provide our expertise because that is what our clients need.”