Mattress Mattress

Getting Your Beducation

Beginning in Red Deer in 1994, Mattress Mattress has grown to 16 retail locations in Alberta and British Columbia.

Sound Advice, Honest Price

Led by Founder Eric Buchfink, and Vice-President Lori Fecho, Mattress Mattress has laid out its mission statement – “to go where no mattress store has gone before”. Specifically, Buchfink’s business background and firsthand knowledge of buying, property ownership, leasing, and inventory management has played a significant role in the Mattress Mattress success story.  The result is a business model that’s on the move.

A customer can purchase a mattress from anywhere, but what’s different about Mattress Mattress is its inviting, pressure-free environment. Not only can customers browse and try out mattresses, they get to experience the unique Mattress Mattress ‘Beducation’ process. With a Beducation, customers are able to determine the right mattress to meet their proper level of support and comfort. And as the mattress store that saves you money, customers know they will be able to sleep at night because they have paid a fair price.

“There is a lot of mattress test driving with our customers, as we encourage them to make a good decision, rather than a quick decision or a decision based on price,” Fecho told The Canadian Business Journal. “We’re the first to say we can’t be everything to all people, but we can offer information to help customers make their decision.”

The Mattress Mattress website reads, “While online research can provide you with information, there is no way of determining support, pressure relief, or comfort without trying mattresses. Armed with a Beducation, no matter where you buy a new mattress, you’ll make a better buying decision.”

From management to staff, Mattress Mattress offers knowledgeable service unmatched across the industry. Fecho commented, “Our people are our biggest asset. Our people are very dedicated, they work extremely hard, with high expectations of themselves and the company.”

Company Expansion

Offering quality, brand name mattresses is one thing. Having winners in stock for same day pickup means finding high traffic locations with on-site warehousing at decent lease rates. It’s this model that has made Mattress Mattress a success since its beginning, but it has limited growth, as these types of properties are not always readily available.

So what’s next for Mattress Mattress? The goal is to continue growing over the coming years, following the wave of three new stores that were added in 2009.

Expansion plans are currently in the works for two new locations in 2013.

Fecho said, “In the last few years we’ve also had exceptional traffic and sales growth as a result of innovative advertising. In fact, website and Internet advertising is currently the leader when it comes to bringing in new customers, almost double the traditional radio and TV results.”

Community Support

An active member in its communities, Mattress Mattress gives back to the communities in which it serves. “We have been so successful in our communities,”

Fecho beamed, “So it’s important for us to do something that really makes a difference.”  Beginning its ‘Matts 4 Kids’ program in 2004, this initiative has seen Mattress Mattress donate more than 200 new mattresses annually to local charitable organizations in need.