Maverick Developer Crowdfunds Public Launch of Affordable Tiny Towns©

TORONTO, Feb. 01, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Maverick Property Developers, Smart Homes HQ Inc., are Equity Crowdfunding their Public Launch of Affordable, Smart, TINY TOWNS© for Seniors + Millennials. Going Public will allow them to utilize inexpensive finance and economies of scale to supply many low-cost, sustainable housing units, licensing their production to small home builders across Ontario and North America. These TINY TOWNS© improve on the “Tiny Homes” concept with mass, pre-fabricated units to quickly supply the high demand on Government, for low-cost housing built to Paris Accord Green Standards. TINY TOWNS© meet the needs of modern, independent-living Seniors’ and Millennials’ starter-home markets:  Affordable, Sustainable, Smart.

Smart Homes President, Carl Strand, and his experienced Startup Team have used their combined development experience to reverse-engineer quality units – starting from a rental price of $695 CAD/month, inclusive. So, those on lower salaries, or basic monthly Pensions, can afford a better quality of life and live independently, longer. Simultaneously, Smart Homes can remain a for-profit company that generates great Investor profits with few or no Government subsidies.

The Smart Homes Startup Team has already drafted their I.P.O. Memorandum in preparation for fast-tracking the company to Public status, in time to break ground on existing projects for Spring 2019.  They are EQUITY CROWDFUNDING their Public Launch with the “THINK MAVERICK” campaign,  found at:  Carl Strand explains: “Mavericks challenge the status quo and change the world. With my plan, we will cut costs and cut unnecessary red-tape to move quickly. We invite the Maverick in YOU to support our Affordable TINY TOWNS© Housing Campaign.  Anyone interested in acquiring future shares of Smart Homes HQ Inc. at a penny each can contribute to their Crowdfunding Campaign, for as little as $50.

 “In the meantime, send a message to Toronto Mayor, John Tory, to investigate our privately-funded affordable housing strategy to inform his ‘Housing Now’ action plan and utilize the Federal and Provincial Government subsidies much more effectively,” says Carl Strand.

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