May 11

In our role as promoters of Canadian business, we are reminded daily that the executive landscape is diverse, and, specifically, that women are contributing mmeasurable value to private and public companies. Canada’s economy benefits from the expertise, career advancement and successes of female business leaders, but are they starting out on equal footing as their male counterparts? Is the struggle for equality completely over? It’s an interesting topic that we feel is worth an extra take, and have created our Women in Business Series to examine the issues. Flip through our first run of the Series, as we reflect on the women who have been featured in the magazine, and look at some great organizations contributing to the success of women in corporate roles.

On another introductory note; with the Japanese earthquake and tsunami being the focus of our last editorial note, we did not have the opportunity to introduce two new columnists to The Canadian Business Journal. We are very excited to have Roy Green on our masthead. Green is also currently a columnist for the National Post and hosts a national weekly radio show interviewing Canada’s political leaders. Alex Carrick is the Chief Economist with Reed Construction Data which provides solutions that give you direct access to the most up-todate and concise market intelligence. Carrick’s monthly column will forecast all there is to know in the Canadian construction industry, providing invaluable information for that sector.

Another great development this month: we are pleased to announce that Govan Brown Construction Managers have been recognized as the 2010 CBJ Company of the Year, and will be given the Award this month. Congratulations to all the companies who were named as finalists, and we will share with you more about Govan Brown’s award as well as take a look at the strengths of the other companies who entered, throughout the summer issues of CBJ.

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