McDonald’s Importing Beef Due to Shortages

CBJ — Fast-food chain McDonald’s Canada plans to start importing beef due to concerns that the Canadian supply chain won’t be able to provide the quantities needed due to ongoing pressures brought about the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is a big switch in policy for the company, which has always been very transparent about using Canadian suppliers for all its locations.

Capacity has been impacted due to a drop in production from a number of key suppliers including Cargill Inc. in Alberta. Operations there had to be temporarily shut down after a worker died from the virus and hundreds of other employees tested positive for having contracted it.

Cargill is expected to reopen on Monday.

McDonald’s has pledged to use as much Canadian beef that is made available, but if their needs are not met, the company will turn to U.S. imports.

The company is also temporarily removing its Angus burgers from menus in Canada. Locations that still have a supply may still sell them until supplies are gone.