Medical – Valiant Recovery Offers Gold Standard Program


Valiant Recovery of Kelowna, BC has developed a Gold Standard program that is now being offered for substance abuse treatment. The program is designed for individuals who may not be able to afford the cost of luxury rehab but who need effective treatment. The new program focuses on the individual reasons for the substance abuse and works on eliminating the root causes of the addiction. Luxury rehabs often offer better treatment results but the cost can be too high for many individuals to afford. Valiant Recovery has integrated the most effective treatment methods in a lower cost program to address substance abuse across all economic levels.

Valiant Recovery CEO Royce Dockrill saw a need for lower cost substance abuse treatment that actually works. The Gold Standard program was designed to meet this need and help individuals fully recover from addiction while lowering the relapse risks considerably. This newest program offers high quality drug and alcohol rehabilitation without all of the high costs or additional frills that many luxury rehabs include, keeping costs down while maximizing effective treatment options.

Many treatment facilities do not offer enough individual counseling. Substance abuse treatment should include individual counseling so that the roots of the substance abuse are addressed and resolved in each case. These roots may be different for each individual and one on one counseling is offered a minimum of four times per week in the Gold Standard program at Valiant Recovery. This method has been scientifically proven to work better and to offer a permanent recovery in a much higher percentage of cases.

The Gold Standard program is the latest program offered by Valiant Recovery to meet the high need for substance abuse treatment which gives the desired results.  Physicians at the facility have a recovery rate in excess of 75 per cent because of the strict requirements that the program has in place. Each doctor who provides care at Valiant recovery must perform five years of aftercare at a minimum, during which time they are monitored and tested.

A family like atmosphere and focus on individualized treatment are both crucial to treatment success and a full recovery. Valiant Recovery has a very limited number of clients at any time, with a maximum of five clients in treatment. This creates an atmosphere conducive to treatment and eliminates any stress that may be caused by living with numerous others. Sober Living can also be arranged with the facility, and there are programs designed to meet almost any budget and treatment need.

Research has shown that continued aftercare is the key to maintaining sobriety. Valiant Recovery offers treatment through all phases of recovery, from detox and intensive therapy for new patients to aftercare and sober living for those who finish the initial treatment regimen. Individualized small groups offer the highest rate of success because of the limited number of participants.

Physical activity is also important to substance abuse treatment success and a complete recovery. The programs that are offered by Valiant Recovery place an emphasis on physical fitness. Patients have daily access to the gym and fitness activities, and the program provides weekend recreational activities for all residents at the facility. Meals are prepared by highly trained kitchen staff and are designed to be enjoyable as well as nutritious.

Valiant Recovery was established in 2009 to meet the increasing demand for effective substance abuse treatment that provides results. Substance abuse is a growing problem and there is a lack of affordable programs that offer a high rate of permanent recovery. The Gold Standard program was developed to offer a more affordable option concerning substance abuse treatment, so that more people can get the help needed and fewer lives are ruined because of addiction.