Here for L.I.F.E.

Winnipeg-based, family-operated Meditek has been led by the Samuels family for three generations dating back to 1962 and has been offering nationwide sales of high-quality hospital equipment since 1981.

Meditek focuses on providing surgical equipment and operating room products to Canadian hospitals. In addition to supplying and servicing surgical tables and lighting, Meditek also carries a large selection of operating table attachments and accessories, and provides quality surgical equipment backed by outstanding nationwide service.

The company provides products such as stretchers, hospital beds, equipment carrier booms, surgical lights, surgical tables, surgical table accessories, scrub sinks, warming cabinets and anything that an operating room in an acute-care hospital may require.

Meditek’s typical clients are acute care hospitals across Canada, such as Toronto Sick Kids Hospital and Humber River, and the high-level of service remains one of the strong points of the company’s value proposition for its clients. Meditek backs all its products with comprehensive support, replacement parts and thorough service, including consulting on a variety of issues such as preventative maintenance and hybrid operating room design.

The Canadian Business Journal spoke with Brad Samuels, Marketing Manager, to discuss the company’s origins and its continued dedication to supporting Canadian acute-care hospitals with the best equipment available.

“Meditek started as surgical equipment remanufacturing and reconditioning company, and this segment is still a strong and very popular and important program for us. Through this service, called the Meditek ReNew program, we purchase and remanufacture surgical equipment to as-new condition¬—call it refurbishing if you like. Remanufacturing is a very specialized process, and no other company in Canada does this, and it still remains a core part of our business,” says Samuels.

In its remanufacturing offering, Meditek buys and remanufactures surgical tables, lights, stretchers, and other equipment. Meditek sources the equipment from medical equipment dealers to remanufacture and resell, but also refurbishes equipment for the Canadian hospitals directly, such as taking a hospital’s 15-year-old surgical table and restoring it to as-new condition. The program allows Canadian healthcare providers save anywhere from 30% to 50% in cost in comparison to purchasing brand new equipment.

As a successful Canadian supplier of surgical equipment across Canada, Meditek continues to push the boundaries of high-level service by adding new innovative products while in parallel increasing the level of service excellence.

“It’s about the whole experience working with us,” says Samuels. “Being a smaller, family-owned company we really pride ourselves on giving a high level service. Most of our competitors are larger international companies, where you might not get the same personal level of service. So we are different in the sense that we are much more responsive to our customer needs and are more flexible to provide custom solutions, and go outside the boundaries for our clients.”

Remaining competitive in the healthcare sector is often challenging and searching for the bottom dollar can easily get in the way of excellence. But according to Samuels, the issue is not black-and-white, and there is a strong relationship element when working with healthcare institutions. “The hospitals have known us as the go-to people who act as the resource to answer their problems. The healthcare funding and budgeting may be challenging at times, so sometimes we have to be more creative to address that, but at the end of the day, people do business with people they know and trust.”

Here for L.I.F.E.

Meditek stands by its ‘Here for L.I.F.E.’ tagline, which also has become its mission. The acronym stands for Leadership, Innovation, Focus and Excellence.

“What that means to us and our customers is that we really take on product lines and services that show ‘leadership’ in the industry, and we very much strive to be the company that shows leadership and pioneering spirit when it comes to new services and products that advance healthcare. ‘Innovation’ is part of that as well, and we work to deliver feedback on products being developed and show innovation to our clients and manufacturers. The ‘focus’ is on the operating rooms at acute care at the hospitals, and we don’t really plan to expand our focus toward many other departments—we are not all-things-to-all-people — this way we can deliver more value and expertise to our clients. And the ‘E’ stands for ‘excellence’, it’s in everything we do – the relationships we have, and the value we provide – we want to provide high-level of excellence in everything we do for our customers,” notes Samuels.

Meditek is on a mission to create more desirable working environments for its clients by genuinely caring for each individual customer, and providing unique, individualized and superior solutions.