Medix School

Promoting practical learning for the healthcare industry

Programs offered at Medix School enhance the healthcare community.

Over its 35 year history, Medix School has rapidly expanded from its origin in the United States, to today’s inclusion of campuses across Ontario, covering Brampton, Brantford, London, Kitchener, Scarborough, and Toronto. Now with six campuses, the goal is to see further growth through online learning, supporting communities where Medix does not have a campus. Through this, Medix School will be able to work in a practical fashion with the hospitals and healthcare organizations in these communities.

“Medix Online was specifically designed to help people acquire knowledge in the healthcare industry for both personal and professional development. Many people have chosen Medix Online Certificates to provide them with the qualifications needed to advance in their current healthcare careers,” states the Medix website.

Programs offered at Medix School include: Community Service Worker, Dental Hygiene, Developmental Service Worker, Intra-oral Dental Assistant, Massage Therapy, Medical & General Lab Assistant, Medical Office Assistant, Personal Support Worker, Pharmacy Assistant, and Professional Fitness Consultant.

Online programs include: Anatomy & Physiology, Dental Office Procedures, Medical Billing (OHIP), Medical Terminology, Principles of Nutrition, and Thought Patterns for a Successful Career.

Over the coming years, Medix School will continue to grow its online format, offering its diploma programs online for different communities throughout Ontario.

“Two years ago, we started Medix Online because in many communities a lot of people are working and need some upgrading, so we are offering a variety of short-term training programs through the online program,” offered Peter Dykstra, Vice-President of Operations.

Programs available at Medix School are in demand, and with such a focus on the healthcare community and its employers, Medix School fills a need in the market, which has become its niche. Today, Medix School offers programs from entry-level all the way to the regulation health professions, such as dental hygienists and massage therapists.

“We do a variety of programs, but it is important to note that we are the only private career college that solely focuses on healthcare programs,” Dykstra added.

Refining its success

Each and every day, Medix School continues to build on its brand of success, as illustrated by daily review of the school’s curriculum, as well as frequent investigation of industry trends.

“We do advisory boards for our programs where we bring our employers in for that program to discuss trends, what are the needs, to discussing how our last graduates did, what areas we can add, so we are always looking at new programs to introduce,” Dykstra said.

Most recently, Medix School has launched its newest program, Professional Fitness Consultant, believing this is something not only required, but is something that illustrates society’s move toward a healthier lifestyle and preventative healthcare. Dykstra added, “It is such a big part of what is happening now in Ontario and across the world.”

Teaching philosophy

As learning environments are designed for students to engage in a hands-on capacity, Medix School emphasizes the importance of skills learning.

“I always say that getting your hands dirty is really the only way to learn,” Dykstra commented. “You can learn a lot from a textbook, but even in the design of our classrooms, there is a lab, so as students learn skills, they can practice those skills.”

Following time in the classroom, a requirement at Medix School is for each student to serve an internship with an employer, placed in a practical work environment, adapting the skills learned at Medix School.

It is Dykstra’s believe that Medix School fills a void in the educational system. Offering its students opportunities than cannot be found elsewhere, like at a university or a community college, Medix School focuses on its in-demand programs of the healthcare industry.

Additionally, unique to other educational institutions, Medix School thrives in designing its programs with its students in mind, such as offering most programs, start to graduation, in less than one year. Dykstra added, “We interview each student to determine if they are a good fit. We really look for a commitment from them.”

With smaller class sizes, the faculty at Medix School offers its students plenty of lab assistance and one-on-one instruction in its environments. As such, Dykstra attributes the success of Medix School to both its students and its staff.

“At the end of the day, I always make a point that without our students, we don’t exist, and their success is Medix’s success,” Dykstra concluded. “Each time a student goes out and works in the healthcare community and does a great job, that’s how we continue to be successful each and every day.

“I also don’t want to discount the staff, as we have built a team of 120 wonderful individuals that dedicate every day of their lives to support these students so they can support the communities in which they live.”