Meet Marcus Allison: The visionary behind Cryptagende Verse’s re-revolution of the Metaverse

Ottawa, Canada, April 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) As the rising tide of the Metaverse gaming scene is reaching colossal heights, the revolution is here and it is happening in real-time! The perception of what playing video games means for each person has drastically changed in a matter of months. The phrase “time is money” has never been more prevalent. At the forefront of this movement, we have an upcoming triple-A juggernaut – Cryptagende Verse with its inventive Play-to-Work economic model that aims to redefine the monetization of fun in the Metaverse. At the very heart of this industry-shaping idea stands a person who had formed this idea years ago. Now, Marcus finally has the firepower and technology to realize his dream project.

Who is Marcus Allison?

Spending the majority of his decorated career at Ubisoft, Marcus Allison is one of the most insightful individuals when it comes to developing triple-A shooter experiences. He was at the helm of massive projects like Far Cry 3 and Rainbow Six: Siege, harnessing all the major and minor details of making a shooter that feels and plays just perfectly. Marcus was involved in practically every step of development, design, and engineering done behind these gigantic projects. His experience is seldom-matched in the gaming industry since it is unusual for game developers to stay in such high-level positions for years at a time. 

What was the inspiration behind his vision?

During his tenure at Ubisoft, Marcus started developing an exceptional idea in his head. Being a fan of MMO games like World of Warcraft, Warframe, and Destiny, Marcus loved the online communities of these worldwide phenomena. He loved the sense of camaraderie and friendship developing inside these sprawling worlds. Thus, he always wondered what would be a perfect virtual world to reside in. The answer was simple in concept, but difficult in execution. The massive amounts of time that these games required a financial incentive to monetize the fun and absolve the players from a feeling that they were wasting their time having fun. So, Marcus pondered on the idea of integrating the ability to earn sustainable, economy-driven income with a fun, engaging online game. There were some great but inconsistent examples of this approach in Dota, League of Legends, and other online massive communities, selling and purchasing various skins within the user base. But Marcus knew that to develop a virtual world mirroring the real one, players would need a much stronger incentive. 

The emergence of Metaverse at a perfect time!

Once the capabilities of Blockchain-fueled Gamefi projects became widely known, Marcus easily connected the dots. He knew that this technology was the difference-maker for his ultimate goal. Now, he had a fully realized vision of monetizing the fun consistently, treating each user fairly and letting them create their content, not just for the fun of it. No, the Metaverse has opened the gates to the Web 3.0 wave of the internet, where every user can and should use their skills for their financial benefit. After all, that’s the key distinction between Web 3.0 and Web 2.0. 

So, Marcus has started crafting a thoroughly considered master plan, tackling each nuance of realizing a project that would be the perfect combination of old and new. The “Old” in this case is the classic addictive core gameplay of well-established triple-A shooters. The “New” pertains to the Blockchain technology that transforms this well-known experience into an economic marketplace, ready to reward creativity and imagination fairly and without any bias. 

Figuring out the pillars of Cryptagende Verse

Marcus is extremely passionate about describing and advocating his unique vision of the Metaverse, here’s how he formulated his philosophy – 

“So, in the beginning, while this idea was still in the conception phase, I was always wondering what it would take to create the healthiest possible community around an online game. That was easy enough – we had several great models of friendly gaming communities like WOW and Warframe. However, things become complicated when the Metaverse trends started emerging. I began to notice that players’ motivations were a bit misplaced, moving from the desire to maximize their ingenuity to a more stagnant, uninspired effort to generate income. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, but I believe that the Metaverse environment was created for something great – giving everyone a chance to discover their artistic, creative capabilities in full force. 

The entire industry, in my opinion, is dangerously close to becoming very incentive-based and monotone. So, after wondering for months how to make the players re-learn their tactics and motivate them to optimize their skills and creativity, I have decided to form an idea about a clean, player-driven economy.

Play-to-Work model is very simply a manifestation of that clean economy. No regulations, no price-driving hypes or incentives set in stone. Only an open marketplace for everyone to contend and 1-up each other in terms of effort and imagination. A free-market economic model that will always prevail, no matter the setting and circumstances. Once I developed this vision, I knew it would suit the Metaverse functionality perfectly and after that, it was just a matter of time and resources. Here’s hoping that we can get to the finish line!” 

What makes Cryptagende Verse a beacon of player choice and expression?

“After formulating the first pillars of Cryptagende Verse, figuring out the perfect Genre and game format, I started to quickly realize the connecting tissue of the entire project – empowering the players to express themselves and give them the freedom to create without limits. I wanted to follow this principle in every aspect of this game. Starting from the core gameplay and ending with the Metaverse sandbox, I wanted to let the players choose their destiny, their distinct style, and approach without irritating limitations. That’s the goal here. Our gameplay loop is generous in providing a variety of playing styles and tactics to experiment with our game systems. We intend to satisfy the players’ urge to play aggressively, silently, or with a mixture of both. We will also give our players the mobility and the headroom to make tactical decisions with the intricate layout of our levels. Finally, the biggest freedom of expression and creativity will come from our unlimited creation tool, handing the keys of the engine to our players in a literal sense. Each player will be able to craft any item, vehicle, weapon, spaceship, and building. The only limit will be the imagination of the users. This is where our player-driven approach kicks in, creating a place where each artist and the creator will have free reins to craft anything and use our global platform to showcase their fruits of labor. This is the Play-to-Work in its full glory!”  — Marcus Allison

About Cryptagende Verse

Cryptagende Verse is a Canada-based startup, led by former Ubisoft game developers, that introduces a brand-new economic model for the Metaverse Gaming Industry. The triple-A MMO shooter fuses the classic online shooter modes with a new web 3.0 wave of player-created content to deliver the first Triple-A online experience with a fully functioning, Blockchain based trading system. The Cryptagende Verse is being built on the Ethereum Network, with fully supported trading capabilities across all NFT marketplaces.

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