Members of Canadian Professional Associations Can Now Apply for Cyberbenefits including Managed Security and Privacy Consulting

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TORONTO, Jan. 31, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Canadian companies are used to group benefits programs and discounts on long distance calling plans, but with new PIPEDA legislation data breach reporting requirements, many small and medium size firms welcome discounts on data security plans and help with privacy compliance.

The Datarisk CyberBenefits Portal is a new service designed for boards of trade, chambers of commerce and other professional associations to help members prepare for data breaches, train employees and secure websites.

With plans starting at $79/mth, Cyberbenefits plans are tailored for professional associations to help their members deal with modern business problems while providing a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Unique services include:

  1. Infection removal for business websites that have been hacked or defaced
  2. Expert workshops on preventing data breaches
  3. Policy templates for rapid adoption of security and privacy practices

“According to Industry Canada, 98% of the Canadian economy is comprised of small and mid-sized enterprises (SME). Those organizations need to be trusted by individual customers and large enterprises alike. The Cyberbenefits plan is the ideal situation for securing the supply chain and infusing trust into this sector of the Canadian economy,” said Claudiu Popa, Datarisk President.

About the Company:

Datarisk Canada specializes in managed security solutions for the small and mid-size market, with products and solutions designed to meet the growing needs of approved professional associations.

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