Meridian Energy Group, Inc. Expands Engineering Relationship with Vepica USA, Inc. and Other Leading Engineering Firms for the Davis Refinery

BELFIELD, ND–(Marketwired – May 9, 2017) – Meridian Energy Group, Inc., the leading developer of innovative solutions for environmentally-compliant oil refining technology, announced today that it has expanded and further defined the role of Vepica USA in the engineering of the Davis Refinery in Belfield, North Dakota. This decision was made by the two firms as Meridian prepares to initiate detailed engineering and equipment fabrication for the initial 27,500 bpd hydro-skimming facility called “Davis Light” — the first phase of the Davis Refinery project.

In a memorandum of understanding dated March 31st, and in subsequent refinements, the role of Vepica USA in the Davis Light refinery project has been further refined to include, among other things, the continued engineering support to the Meridian permitting effort. To-date, Vepica has acted as the principal engineering consultant to Meridian in the preparation and filing of Meridian’s amendment to its Permit to Construct (PTC) application to the North Dakota Department of Health (NDDH) for Davis Light, filed on April 5th, 2017. The amendment included engineering and configuration adjustments to further improve emissions and product output from the second stage, Davis Full, of the project, as indicated in the PTC application filed with the NDDH in October of 2016.

In addition, Vepica USA will continue to work with Meridian as its principal engineering firm for the initiation of the design of Davis Light, and will now include procurement and fabrication packages for long lead-time equipment items, such as the atmospheric crude tower for the project. Vepica is the key partner in the site layout and planning that will allow the site preparation work to proceed while the project’s air quality permit is being processed.

On the expanded role with Meridian Derek Blackwood, CEO of Vepica USA said, “Making sure that site preparation starts in 2017, and completing the design of key long lead equipment are critical milestones to meet the aggressive schedule set by Meridian. We enter this new stage under an expanded role as committed as ever in our partnership with Meridian, and their strategy towards completion of Davis Light in 2018″.

In this area, Meridian will continue to enjoy the support of Trailhead Engineering, with offices in Salt Lake City, Utah and Houston, Texas, who serves as the Owner’s Engineer for the project. Meridian will also benefit from the ongoing support and participation of Basic Equipment, Inc., of Houston, Texas, who is expected to undertake the fabrication of the atmospheric crude tower when designs are completed.

In connection with the permitting of Davis Light, Meridian will also have the ongoing support of Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc., based in St. Paul, Minnesota, as Meridian’s principal site planning and engineering firm. SEH recently began an additional round of geotechnical investigations, site grading plans, and a water use and management program for the project site. Dan Hedrington, SEH Principal, on the advancements of Davis site work, “We at SEH are honored to be working with the extremely talented Meridian team, building a project with so many positive impacts on the local and state economy, as well as the energy independence of America.”

Zia Engineering & Environmental Consultants, LLC., based on Los Cruces, New Mexico, is also continuing in its role as the air quality emissions control engineer and emissions dispersion modeling firm for the project, and made a major contribution to the recent PTC amendment filed with NDDH.

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