Mexico Suggests Possible Extension of NAFTA Talks


CBJ — As the NAFTA talks continue in Montreal, Mexican officials have indicated an extension may be the best course of action in order to have more time to hammer out a new agreement with Canada and the United States. As of now, the next round of negotiations after Montreal will be held in Mexico for what is scheduled to be the seventh and final round of talks. However, there is growing concern an agreement won’t be reached by then.

To this point the U.S. has been lukewarm at best regarding the continuation of the trade pact, which is valued at about $1.2 trillion.The Trump administration throws the occasional barb at Canada but the main focus of disdain is with the trade imbalance with Mexico.

Canada, which this week presented a series of suggestions on how to unfreeze the talks, quickly welcomed the idea of extending talks, if need be.

“Canada does not believe that we need put an arbitrary deadline on these negotiations at the cost of a good deal for all three countries. ‎We are happy to continue negotiating,” said a government representative.

It seems as if U.S. chief negotiator John Melle is going to need more convincing about having extended talks, as he’s offered no official statement about that being an option as of this point.