Michael de Adder is New Cartoonist With the Canadian Business Journal

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO – (Marketwire – July 12, 2011) – The Canadian Business Journal (CBJ) is pleased to announce several exclusives in the July issue, which is now available at http://www.cbj.ca/EMAG/2011/July/CBJ.php.

This month, CBJ welcomes cartoonist Michael de Adder to the editorial roster – de Adder’s cartoon can now be found under "Funny Business" every month. Michael de Adder cartoons reach over a million readers per day, making him the most read cartoonist in the country. His previous work can be viewed online at http://www.deadder.net.

The July issue of CBJ also includes exclusive interviews with Alberta Energy Minister Ron Liepert and Minister of Infrastructure Ray Danyluk. In addition, CBJ presents a discussion with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers that encapsulates the excitement surrounding industry and technological development in Alberta.

As 2010 CBJ Company of the Year Award winners, Govan Brown are featured in the July issue with an inside look at the company and its business strategies, as well as insights from Company of the Year Award panellists. To see Govan Brown’s story, visit http://www.cbj.ca/EMAG/2011/July/govan-brown.php.

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