Microbix Announces Quality Products Distribution Agreement

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, May 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Microbix Biosystems Inc. (TSX: MBX, Microbix®), an award-winning life sciences innovator and exporter, announces the appointment of Diagnostic International Distribution S.p.A. of Milan (D.I.D.) as distributor of its Quality Assessment Products (QAPs™) for Italy.
Under an agreement between the parties, D.I.D. has been appointed as distributor of Microbix’s quality assessment products (QAPs™) for Italy. As distributor, D.I.D. will provide marketing, inventorying, distribution, and logistical support for use of Microbix’s QAPs by Italian clinical laboratories. At present, there are four dozen such QAPs across the PROCEEDx™, REDx™FLOQ®, and REDx™ Controls tradenames – to support whole-process accuracy of tests for bacterial and viral diseases by emulating patient samples while being consistent, non-infectious, stable, and cross-instrument compatible. Based in Milan, D.I.D. is an Italian owned and operated life sciences distribution company that provides clinical laboratories with access to a wide range of products relating to immunological and molecular infectious disease testing. D.I.D. services approximately 1,000 customers throughout Italy and acts as a local representative for multiple leading test and reagent suppliers, including for Bio-Rad Laboratories, COPAN Italia, ELITechGroup, and Quidel, among others.Microbix COVID-19 controls products are available in liquid format as well as on COPAN® FLOQSwabs®, which are especially familiar to Italian clinical laboratories. Additionally, Italy is one of the western countries that has largely converted cervical cancer screening programs to molecular HPV testing, making Microbix’s exceptional line of HPV test controls a great addition to D.I.D’s product portfolio.Phil Casselli, SVP Business Development of Microbix, stated, “Italy’s northern region has been very hard hit by the coronavirus, so it is important to provide our COVID-19 controls to help its testing programs. We’re therefore honored to have D.I.D., a highly-respected company in the Italian community for many decades, representing our QAPs line of products. With the D.I.D. head office in Milan, and the leading global provider of patient sample collection swabs and media, COPAN Italia, less than an hour away, Microbix has the perfect partners to support provision of these important products to Italian testing labs.”Enrico Maffioli, President of D.I.D., also commented, “We’re pleased to secure access to Microbix’s innovative QAPs for our laboratory customers. Of course COVID testing is of intense interest currently, but there is a need to improve and ensure accuracy of all clinical diagnostic tests. The entire portfolio of Microbix QAPs will therefore be very helpful to our many customers. Training of D.I.D. staff about QAPs is underway and we are now beginning to stock this product portfolio.”About Microbix Biosystems
Microbix develops proprietary biological and technology solutions for human health and well-being, with sales now exceeding $1 million per month on average and approximately 80 skilled employees. It makes a wide range of critical biological materials for the global diagnostics industry, notably antigens for immunoassays and its laboratory quality assessment products (QAPs™) that support clinical lab proficiency testing, enable assay development and validation, or help ensure quality control of clinical diagnostic tests. Microbix antigens and QAPs are sold to many customers worldwide, at present primarily to multinational diagnostics companies and laboratory accreditation organizations. Microbix is ISO 9001 and 13485 accredited, FDA and Health Canada establishment licensed, and provides CE marked products.

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