MiHR Innovate

a collaboration to bring about change

As the sector council for the Canadian minerals and metals industry, MiHR is one of the most critical sector councils in Canada. A recognized leader in the development and implementation of national human resources solutions, MiHR contributes to the strength, competitiveness and sustainability of the Canadian mining sector. The products and services supporting the organization’s endeavours are based on sound research into the skills and labour market issues that matter most to the Canadian mining industry.

Catalyst for collaboration

The Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR) is an organization that facilitates achievement and advancement in the Canadian mining industry through a dynamic approach to human resources.

MiHR’s simple, innovative approach to addressing issues specific to the Canadian mining industry is to bring together and share the industry’s best practices for the benefit of all. This collaborative approach has led to MiHR working with the industry’s top mining companies, gaining an intimate understanding of the various challenges—and solutions—that run across the sector.

Human resources challenges that MiHR tackle at a national level include matching supply and demand for workers, attracting and retaining workers, lack of skills recognition, labour mobility, increased competition for talent and lack of labour market information.

In the coming months, The CBJ will be featuring examples of excellence in practice from MiHR’s Innovate program, in the form of snapshots from companies who have submitted their innovative practices to the organization for consideration. MiHR, in collaboration with CBJ, will highlight the dynamic work being done by leading companies in the mining industry, and in tandem showcase the council’s in-depth analysis of specific needs in mining human resources.
Working to share best practices—about MiHR Innovate

The Canadian mining industry faces several labour market challenges and tens of thousands of skilled positions must be filled in the next decade to keep the industry robust.

The latest research from MiHR indicates that even in the most pessimistic forecast, the industry will need to hire nearly 60,000 workers by 2020 to meet the needs from changes in employment and replacement requirements. A period of relative stability in the sector will see hiring requirements balloon to 100,000.
Despite increases in the participation of various demographic groups (e.g., women), employers are still faced with an aging workforce and a looming labour shortage, according to the MiHR Council, which has developed a number of products and resources to help provide industry with practical solutions to address this challenge. MiHR Innovate, the latest resource developed by the Council, is a collaborative platform for sharing knowledge and effective HR practices and initiatives. The first Canadian mining-specific HR community, MiHR Innovate provides mining HR professionals the opportunity to open up the dialogue and engage with fellow members of industry in the world of mining HR.

Recognizing, rewarding, showcasing

Central to MiHR Innovate is an online compendium which will house innovative mining HR practices and initiatives from Canada’s top mining employers, including:

-AREVA Resources Canada Inc.,

-Baja Mining Company

-Barrick Gold Corporation

-BHP Billiton


-De Beers

-DMC Mining Services


-Hy-Tech Drilling


-Kinross Gold Corporation

-Noront Resources Ltd.

-NovaGold Resources

-Quinsam Coal Corporation



These practices will be featured alongside interactive discussion groups to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration amongst mining industry HR professionals to help the HR community strengthen ideas against an industry sounding board.  A core objective of MiHR Innovate is to achieve a positive profile for mining employers to attract motivated talent aspiring to work for employers who value their workforce. This is one facet of a long-term strategy to change perceptions of the mining industry and reposition it as modern, technologically advanced and culturally diverse with great opportunities. This profile will also reinforce engagement and pride of existing mining employees about their industry and their employers.

In support of this objective, these practices will form the content of a collaborative working session which will take place in Montreal at the CIM Conference & Exhibition 2011, Mines Without Borders, in May.

A small change can make a big impact

MiHR Innovate is about bringing forward new ideas to address the HR challenges specific to mining by showcasing any innovative HR practice or initiative.

“We know Canadian mining companies are developing some incredible innovative HR practices, but the industry doesn’t hear about them,” explains Ryan Montpellier, Executive Director at MiHR. “The more ideas we bring forward, the more we learn from each other and strengthen the industry because one great idea inspires another. By working together, we can accomplish more and the Council is committed to supporting these collaborative efforts.”

Submitted HR practices may include smaller, focused initiatives or more complex strategies.  The focus is to create dialogue to help the mining industry take these ideas and tailor them to address their respective HR challenges.

HR practices are categorized in four key areas: work environment and culture; compensation, rewards and recognition; learning and development; and organizational values and reputation. Practices include any type of initiative that has had an impact on the organization and its employees.

MiHR Innovate will provide valuable insight into the industry’s most innovative HR practices, enhance the profile of mining employers, help change perceptions of the mining industry as a whole and positively influence recruitment by attracting motivated people who want to work for forward thinking employers.

This collection of practices is now live on the MiHR Innovate website (www.mihrinnovate.ca) in a collaborative framework to encourage discussion and the development of new HR solutions. To further connect mining HR professionals and build a Canadian mining human resources community-of-practice, mining HR professionals are invited to join The Canadian Mining HR Professionals and Innovators Group on LinkedIn. Now at over 130 members, the group is growing larger every day.  

For more information contact on MiHR Innovate, please contact Alana Kennedy, MiHR Council Director of Marketing & Communications, at (613) 270-9696 x 41 or akennedy@mihr.ca.