Moca Loca Café

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Founded by Sami Chakie in 2000, Moca Loca Café is a European style coffee house and café bistro with a strong presence in Gatineau, Que. Across its eight locations, Moca Loca Café offers a variety of delectable coffee blends and treats in a relaxed and inviting ambiance.

In the Beginning

“I’ve always wanted to have a high end coffee house to perfect the coffee business,” Chakie told The Canadian Business Journal. “I want to provide the best service, quality food and offer a complete experience.

Competing in a market space with larger chains such as Starbucks and Second Cup, Moca Loca Café aims to control the intangibles on a smaller scale, such as customer service, food quality, and the uniqueness of its menu.

Moca Loca Café is a unique experience in a modern, urban décor setting. The customer experience at Moca Loca Café is evident as soon as a patron enters the shop – from the ambiance, to the music, to its lounge atmosphere – Moca Loca Café offers an environment where customers can sit to enjoy their beverage with engaging music and a good book. Moca Loca Café is a place of gathering where you want to meet with your friend and enjoy a night out.

Unlike the competition, Moca Loca Café is not an Internet café, nor grab and go to make way for the next customer; Moca Loca Café offers an exceptional experience at a relaxing pace.

Expansion Efforts

In 2002, Moca Loca Café officially became a franchise, opening its second location. Today the brand stands strong with four corporate stores and four franchises.

The franchising model of Moca Loca Café seeks an entrepreneurial spirit that fosters success, passion, determination, and strong customer service.

“We look for franchisees that think like us and have the same drive and passion,” Chakie explained. “In order to expand further, we will continue growing with new franchises and offer full support and education from head office on the Moca Loca Café system.”

Esther Fleurant, Marketing Director, added, “The Moca Loca Café concept has proven successful over our 12 years. We’re now working on the team and building the company stronger because we are competing with the big coffee giants.”

Moving forward, the plan is to strengthen the existing stores before adding additional locations outside of the Gatineau market. New locations will reflect the company’s loyal following in the Ottawa Region, followed by an expansion strategy east toward Montreal. Chakie’s vision for Moca Loca Café is to add a few locations in each of the next few years.

“We’re focused on increasing sales in our existing stores to make them stronger,” Chakie said. “As the founder and president of this company, I want our existing stores to be strong before taking high risks. I know that we could have opened many more stores in the last few years, but we decided to minimize our risk, slow down, and focus on finding prime locations so our franchisees will be successful.

“Five years from now, I see the company stronger and several more cafés opening across the province through the hard work of the team from head office and loyal franchisees.”

Unique Menu

Featuring a menu of fresh baked goods, cakes, fair trade and organic coffees and teas, as well as healthy menu choices, including homemade soups and fresh salads made with locally grown ingredients, the quality and ambiance found at Moca Loca Café separates it from anything else found in the region. Moca Loca Café emits an image of beauty, quality, and taste.

Olivier Chaillot, Regional Director, added, “Moca Loca Café has a corporate café in the head office where we experiment with new recipes. Before we launch any new recipes (from drinks to new sandwiches) we collect the loyal customers’ opinions. This is a very good asset for us. When we launch a new product, it is already tested and we know where we are going with it. The café is also a training centre for new franchisees and staff which only makes Moca Loca Café stronger.”

Moca Loca Café has perfected the coffee experience to exceed customer expectations. Synonymous with great taste, the Moca Loca Café experience is best summarized, “We are committed to distinguishing ourselves from our competitors without compromising brand integrity.”