Mood Media

Global leader in brand enhancement

When you walk into your favourite store, restaurant or hotel and are enveloped into the atmosphere of background music, pleasant aroma and informative visual displays, you’re likely experiencing retail enhancement provided by Mood Media, the world’s largest in-store media provider.

And with studies proving that the right music has proven to increase sales by 18 per cent, it’s likely you made a purchase.

Mood Media Corporation is a leading in-store media specialist that uses a mix of music, visual and scent media to help its clients communicate with consumers with a view to driving incremental sales at the point-of-purchase. Operating through its two principal divisions, In-Store Media and Retail Point-of-Purchase, Mood Media Corporation works with more than 800 retail chains in more than 42 countries throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Branding is a serious business, and billion dollar brands do not leave theirs to chance. There is a careful alchemy to conveying the intangible, the mood, the vibe and message which plays a huge part in the overall retail experience. And so music playing in a luxury Hermes, one of Mood Media’s clients, wasn’t selected off the cuff that morning. Oh no.

For one, the playing of unlicensed music is illegal and is diligently policed by the music industry. Two, it doesn’t provide any messaging capabilities which is essential for retail and hospitality customers with more than one location. Clients come to Mood Media for its music and messaging solutions and an unmatched music library, including the industry’s biggest and best rights-included music collection. It boasts best-in-class visual content displayed on best-of-breed technology and managed using their proprietary, browser-based content management system, TeamCo., and state-of-the-art delivery systems, installation and servicing, scent design and a limitless array of proven fragrances.

Muzak acquisition

It’s been a big year for Mood Media. In early May, Mood Media became the uncontested global leader, at six times the size of its closest competitor, with the US$345 million acquisition of Muzak Holdings LLC. The merger was news in Canada, where the National Post headlined, “Mood Media set to become the global king of background music after reaching a deal to acquire rival Muzak Holdings LLC.”

“We were the largest player in the world outside of the U.S. [prior to the acquisition] and Muzak was the largest inside the U.S., at 300,000 locations,” says Lorne Abony, CEO and Chairman of Mood Media. “Now our global retail footprint is larger, and we are the largest player globally. We are excited and eager to begin realizing the significant growth opportunities and synergies in a combination that will benefit both our customers and our shareholders.”
The breadth of Mood Media is staggering. Every day, Mood Media plays 112 million songs, making the company the equivalent of the largest radio station on earth, larger than all the radio stations in the world combined. More than 100 million people experience Mood Media’s audio, visual or scent music and messaging daily.

Considering the diversity of Mood Media’s clients, Mood Media employs 169 “musicologists”, DJs who are taste makers and lifestyle influencers who can keep their client’s brands ahead of the curve or straddle it perfectly, depending on the requirement.

“Mood Media works with its brands very closely tailoring the media not only for brand identity, but for demographic regions. “We will have dedicated content programmers for each brand. For example, all 1,100 JCPenneys in the U.S. will not have the same demographic. JCPenney believes, as it should, that the music they play in their Albuquerque, N.M. store ought to be different than their Beverly Hills store,” says Abony. Likewise, messaging and music can be tailored within store zones, changing from men’s shoes and beddings, etc., for example.

Point of sale opportunities

“We think we are an extremely exciting and rapidly changing industry,” says Abony. He sees the retail landscape changing dramatically, moving from a one-dimensional marketing to experiential marketing. “The growth of our visual business has been enormous. We expect the growth of our visual division to continue and we expect to transform the retail experience and that is what we are focused on.”

Currently, Mood Media is positioned to be leaders in an emerging area called Location Based Services, which allows targeted messaging and couponing through Wi-Fi at the point of purchase, where 90 per cent of purchasing decisions are made. For instance, if you walk into a McDonald’s and log into their Wi-Fi, you could receive an incentive to make a purchase.

It’s been quite the year for Mood Media, but somehow if feels like this is just the beginning. Its unparalleled resources and marketing expertise combine to make Mood Media the company that, as Abony puts it, “Helps our customers sell more.”