Moosemeat & Marmalade Season Three Premieres January 18th on APTN

VICTORIA, BC–(Marketwired – January 03, 2018) – By popular demand, Mooswa Films’ highly anticipated food documentary series, Moosemeat & Marmalade, returns to APTN on January 18th for a third season, bringing audiences an entertaining, insightful and truly rich exploration of culture and cuisine.

In Season Three, co-hosts Art Napoleon and Dan Hayes travel across Canada — from Vancouver Island up to Yellowknife — and over to the UK, to explore the topics of food sourcing, food security and food sustainability as these topics relate to the cuisine prepared in each episode. The pair investigate today’s most pressing food industry issues while cooking up wild goat off the coast of BC, fishing for monster pike in the Northwest Territories, and wrangling up eel from the Thames.

“Season 3 is more timely than ever. Understanding where our food comes from has always been at the core of what our show is about and people are paying way more attention to that,” explains Mike Wavrecan, Producer, Mooswa Films. “It’s refreshing to look at the more serious issues around food sovereignty, sourcing, and sustainability with the humour and playfulness that Art and Dan bring to the table. One of the draws to the show is you get the information but in a fun and entertaining way.”

Also new this year, Season Three offers audiences the opportunity to take their TV discoveries to a deeper level, via the Moosemeat & Marmalade interactive website and web series, both of which provide fans with a forum for rich behind-the-scenes exploration. Through a beautifully shot mini web series called Food for Thought, Art or Dan meet with locals, activists, farmers, fishermen, and everyday people across the four regions of Canada, to further investigate some of the biggest food industry issues currently facing society — and to explore the solutions required.

Moosemeat & Marmalade Season Three will air across Canada in French and English on January 18, 2018 on APTN. Check your local listings. Funding support for this show is provided by the Bell Fund and the Canadian Media Fund.

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Meet the Co-Stars:

Leo-nominated Art Napoleon is host and co-producer of Moosemeat & Marmalade. This former chief is as comfortable on a big city stage or boardroom as he is skinning a moose in a hailstorm with a pocketknife. Art holds an MA degree from the University of Victoria, facilitates cultural awareness workshops, tours regularly as a musical performer and speaker and also serves as a juror on many arts and culture organizations across Canada.

Chef Dan Hayes is the chef and owner of The London Chef, a dynamic and interactive cooking school, pantry and catering kitchen in Victoria, BC. Dan has been in the kitchen for over 15 years working with, and for, some of Europe’s most revered seafood chefs. Dan has worked in various capacities in the kitchen, and as a food stylist, cooking instructor, and corporate chef. Dan’s food is heavily influenced by his classic French training and love of Mediterranean cuisine. He is passionate about sustainable seafood, sharp knives, and the joy of cooking. In addition to running his own kitchen, Dan regularly teaches in Vancouver, Toronto and London, and stars in Moosemeat & Marmalade — currently airing in three languages in Canada, US, and Europe.

Moosemeat & Marmalade is produced by Mooswa Films, a partnership between May Street Productions Limited (Tiga Talk!, Canada’s Next Top Model, Taking Back the Years, Gone Wild) and Art Napoleon (Cree for Kids, New Canoe, Down2Earth, CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Tiga Talk!). The third season was produced thanks to funding support from the Bell Fund, the Canadian Media Fund and APTN.

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