More Problems for Huawei


CBJ — U.S. prosecutors have launched yet another criminal investigation of China’s Huawei Technologies — for allegedly stealing American trade secrets.

There is now a growing movement by the U.S. to persuade allies such as Canada and Britain to ban the telecom-equipment maker’s  from next-generation 5G networks.

The question of whether Huawei as China’s flagship tech company can be trusted lies at the heart of decisions by the United States and a growing list of allies, including Australia and New Zealand, to bar Huawei from 5G mobile networks that promise faster download speeds and more reliable connections.

Cybersecurity experts as well three former heads of Canadian spy agencies, have raised concerns that Huawei could be asked by Beijing to incorporate back doors into their equipment for spying or sabotage purposes.

The latest criminal investigation, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, arose out of civil lawsuits, including one where Huawei was found liable for misappropriating robotic technology from wireless network operator T-Mobile in Seattle. The lawsuit alleged two Huawei Device USA employees stole information related to a smartphone-testing robot.