Morneau Violated Elections Act

Bill Morneau - Parliament

CBJ — It’s been determined that former federal finance minister Bill Morneau unintentionally violated a section of the Canada Elections Act in the lead-up to the last federal election.

The Commissioner of Canada Elections Yves Cote concluded that Morneau participated in a series of “department-supported events” in his official capacity as finance minister during the pre-election period for the 2019 election.

The pre-election period is a specified time before an election is called, during which some political activities are restricted, including spending.

However, Cote also made it clear that there was no proof that Morneau intended to break the Act, and that his electoral district repaid the over $1,600 associated with the events he attended.

“Mr. Morneau and his office cooperated fully and in good faith with the Commissioner’s investigation,” the commissioner wrote in his report.

Morneau, 57, recently resigned as federal finance minister due to his involvement in the WE Charity scandal. Earlier this week WE closed down its Canadian operations.


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