MTL Auto Parts

Canada's Leading Online Auto Parts Store

MTL Auto Parts is Canada’s local auto parts store. With a combined 40 years of experience in car parts retail and remanufacturing auto parts, MTL Auto Parts has now turned online to create the best and fastest customer service available.

MTL Auto Parts makes buying parts for your car easy and affordable. With its large online inventory, customers know exactly where to go to find a specific auto part, from brakes and bearings to radiators and condensers. MTL Auto Parts has what customers need, and with free shipping on all orders, gets it to the customer quickly.

Based in Montreal, MTL Auto Parts is the brainchild of Daniel Lewin, President, and Samuel Maman, Owner. “Our business started out of a rebuilding service,” explains Lewin.

“We wanted to fulfill the needs of these consumers who are having a hard time finding auto parts locally. It is very expensive and difficult to buy brand new auto parts in remote areas. My partner’s father is in the rebuilding service and to that we developed our online auto parts store. We saw a strong demand through eBay, Kijiji, and other online listing services, but it was disjoined with no organized inventory.”

Lewin and his partner recognized a huge customer demand and serious search volume for auto parts online. “We decided to make an online store for customers from across the country. We were amongst the first in the industry to do such a thing; we got a good name and reputation in that sense. Since then, we have grown a large and loyal customer base.”

MTL Auto Parts attracts customers who want to find and replace auto parts themselves, saving the cost of doing so at a mechanic shop, and those who wish to circumvent finder’s fees and then bring the piece to the shop for installation. With a growing reputation for price, quality and customer service, MTL Auto Parts competes in the space with traditional parts suppliers. MTL Auto Parts is also growing its customer base in underserved rural markets, whose access to parts is limited. “Recently, due to our free shipping advantage on all our orders, we have increased our customer base in remote communities. We also cater to people in remote areas, like Northwest Territories, the Yukon, and Northern Quebec.”

Servicing these communities is a source of pride for MTL Auto Parts, a proudly Canadian company, one of the few in this space. “We are among the only Canada-based websites,” says Lewin. “A lot of Canadian consumers are starting to catch on to that. It takes a really long time to ship from the United States. There are duty fees and customs and it’s a real mess. We sense a real appreciation from our clients that we are based in Canada, and that fact helps us excel in that our parts ship faster. It gives us a competitive advantage.”

A challenge the company faces is helping customers who are familiar with traditional stores feel at ease with ordering online. “There are as many people in a few small cities as in one large city, and these people are being left out,” continues Lewin, “but through modern technology, we are able to target them.” Through online advertising, and, vitally, word of mouth, MTL Auto Parts is gaining traction in new markets. “We want to attract people who are Internet and computer savvy. We want our customers to know we are the future of the auto parts industry. We are focusing on bringing them the technology needed to make their shopping experience better.

MTL Auto Parts is maximizing its growth and plans to start local stores whereby it can increase the speed of delivery by being closer to the client. “Our goal is to get parts to our customers on the same day,” says Lewin. “In the auto business, people need their parts and they need them quickly.”

Lewin says the company plans to continue working for the client. “In an industry where people can be skeptical or fear being ripped off, our long-term goal is to really gain the trust of the people and let them know that when they buy from us, they are getting the best deal.”