Multi-Tech Systems International

Ready and able

The shelves of every grocery, drug, hardware and convenience store are lined with products all vying for the consumer’s attention, and have a split second to do so. With competition so vast, packing and labeling is almost more important than the product initially, as it is on the front line in the battle for the consumer.

Manufacturers, therefore, must upkeep and revise their packaging regularly to ensure their product is seen, and this can be a costly endeavour. Packaging machines run into the hundreds of thousands, and the tools to produce a singular label are not far behind. It would be uneconomical to change a new machine every time a new label is needed.

This was the thinking of Eamonn Godsell and his partner Dan Michaelis, who, 16 years ago, started Multi-Tech Systems International Ltd. (MTS). MTS provides refurbishing, rebuild, upgrade and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services on all labelling equipment from its main sales office and manufacturing facility, located near Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, and its offices in the United States and Mexico.

Throughout its short history, MTS has developed into an integral partner to the manufacturing sector, responding to manufacturers’ demands for quick turnover, ever-developing labelling technology, and cost effectiveness by providing various types of labelers with North American and European technologies — allowing large-scale manufacturers to operate with efficiency, speed, flexibility and productivity.

“When we formed MTS, my partner and I knew there was no one out there offering remanufactured machines and overhauling assemblies and designing change parts and that customers needed another alternative that was quicker and more flexible,” says Michaelis.

MTS is unique in that if offers change parts for the different types of labels on the market. Pieces that previously took up to 22 weeks to order from the manufacturer (often in Europe), MTS can provide in six weeks, a marked reduction in wait time.

With capabilities to do “every kind of labeling,” including pressure sensitive (the kind used on shampoo bottles, for example), cold glue (found on beer bottles), hot melt (the full plastic wrap found on plastic bottles of pop), to name a few, MTS works with manufacturing giants such as Anheuser-Busch, Heinz, Del Monte, Samuel Adams, to expedite their manufacturing needs.

“Every different project is different, says Michaelis. “Right now I have bottles of maple syrup, salad dressing, water bottles, juice, wine, beer, and sauces all around my offices,” beams Michaelis. “Every job is different and comes with different challenges.”

Customers like Kraft, Heinz, and Anheuser-Busch simply can’t afford to wait between manufacturing different bottles. Some of these machines run 1,100 bottles a minute. The downtime on repairs could potentially cost millions.

“MTS specialises in supplying change parts to our market for all different types of labeling machines,” says Michaelis. “Instead of waiting for five months for a brand new machine, we can take one from our inventory and build it to their specification in eight to 10 weeks.”

For example, Kraft came to MTS with a labeller that was 15 years old which was in working condition, but was worn out and had out dated electronics. “Because they run three shifts a day and don’t have the time to repair or rebuild it, so they went to the OEM for a quote for a brand new one, only to find out the tooling for all their different BBQ sauce labels would need new tooling, which is the price of a new machine,” he recalls.

“So they came to us. They were able to keep their machines running, while we will build and engineered the machine with new electrics. Customers see there is no sense getting rid of a frame and bottle table per se if they can instead upgrade the technologies.”

MTS also supply new machines also, but has seen its rebuild orders for rebuild machines increase dramatically since 2008. “Our customers realize they can spend half the money and buy a rebuild machine. Our rebuild machines offer a superior warranty (one year) than an OEM does for new machines because our rebuild process is very thorough.

“Most customers can’t tell the difference between that and a new machine.”

Being part of the Multi-Tech Group of Companies, MTS has the necessary administrative, technical and financial resources to accomplish projects, as per plans and specifications. The company’s commitment to Quality and Service is genuine and evidenced by our many satisfied customers and it’s steady and continued market share growth.