Munge Leung

Luxury Interior Design

Established in 1997 by Alessandro Munge and Sai Leung, Munge Leung is an internationally recognized interior design firm that offers dynamic design solutions across the residential and hospitality sectors, including luxury hotels, iconic food and beverage venues, condominium developments, and private residential.

In the beginning, after leaving a large, successful design firm to venture out on their own, Munge Leung was involved with a range of small restaurant development projects, building up the company portfolio, to the point where today the firm has established a niche in this market segment, specializing in upscale hospitality developments. As a result, Munge Leung operates not only in its home base of Toronto, but has also taken its business around the globe, with projects in the United States, Hong Kong, and the Middle East.

“The world is starting to see us as a contender,” Alessandro Munge, Managing Partner at Munge Leung, told The Canadian Business Journal. “I always think of us as a young firm. I find it amazing that we compete against some of the world’s best design firms that have been in this business for 30 or more years.”

Client Partnerships

As part of its success, Munge Leung makes a point to truly engage in each of its projects. Quite simply, the firm views a project as bringing forward the vision and brand of its client in a true and comprehensive design solution.

“I look at it as partnering with our clients, rather than just being their design firm, and they can see value in that approach,” Munge explained. “We are great at reinventing ourselves. Our focus is always on the client and no two projects are alike. When the client brings us a design challenge, I believe they come to us because they know that we won’t just give them what we did with our last project.”

Evident in each project is the firm’s flair for design, and it begins with the initial project discussion. That passion carries over to the point where Munge Leung’s design solutions contribute to the client’s business model; for example, a design that encompasses branding, logos, and signage for a client in the food and beverage industry. Munge commented, “A fantastic example of that is El Catrin, a Mexican restaurant in The Distillery District we opened this summer, where we helped to design the entire project.”
Munge Leung delivers workable and sustainable design solutions, attributing this to its key relationships with some of the greatest developers in the Toronto market. A project by Munge Leung stands the test of time.

“It isn’t just delivering a design solution that works, we are also delivering a business solution as well. A design can look fantastic and win awards, but if it doesn’t work well after a year or two, then that to me is a failed project,” Munge detailed. “We approach design from a philosophical and business perspective where we dig deep to find the net effects of a project and how to explore a client’s brand and contribute to their needs. It goes deeper than just a design; we present the best possible solution.”

Growth Opportunities

In a diverse, global marketplace, Munge Leung embraces the challenges that come with being a newer entry to the world of interior design. In competing against the industry mainstays, Munge Leung provides a fresh approach to design, and is supported by a passionate, talented, and dedicated team of design professionals.
“As different as our designs are, they always have real attention to detail, quality, and sophistication. Clients feel good in the spaces we create for them,” Munge summarized.

“We figure out what each market segment desires. We are not looking to crank out five star hotels to meet year-end financials; rather, we are focused on building our brand and helping clients develop their brand so that we can move toward the future in a positive way.”

From the residential market, to high-end hospitality properties, Munge Leung sees plenty of continued growth on the road ahead, and understands that the principles that made the firm successful through its history must carry through to the future.

“We have taken the experiences we learned in Toronto and are bringing them to an international scale. We are focused on luxury hotels and aligning ourselves with great food and beverage operators that look to partner with us on creating something extraordinary, and to help establish their brand globally,” Munge concluded. “There are some really exciting projects and opportunities for us in the next few years. In our world of design, we are constantly trying to find the right solutions, and striving to make a difference in the world of design has been a lot of fun.”