Murrayville House announces new healthy living initiative

CBJ Newsmakers

LANGLEY, British Columbia, Dec. 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Murrayville House has launched a new-home project aimed at improving people’s health and well-being. Located in a ‘walkable’ community near Langley, the developer is building upon numerous studies that show the health benefits of living in areas that reduce stress and chronic diseases, create a sense of neighbourhood and improve the overall safety of the community. 

“Murrayville House is extremely convenient for individuals who prefer to travel by foot rather than by car, plus it’s close to parks and playgrounds,” says The Agency Real Estate Marketing Group’s president, Michael Sikich.

With many Canadians becoming environmentally conscious, living close to public transit is a housing requirement, and the project’s location makes it easy to live car-free, with local amenities and attractions a short bike ride away.

The Murrayville House has been designed in an effort to inspire people to get outside and enjoy fresh air and get some exercise. “Walkability has health, environmental, and economic benefits,” says Sikich. “It’s such an important concept in sustainable urban design.”

About Murrayville House: Murrayville House is a boutique collection of 92 condos near Langley, B.C.

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