MVP Group

Bringing the best to North American kitchens

An umbrella company incorporating five product brands, MVP Group is represented across the Canadian and American food service equipment sector through restaurant equipment wholesalers.

These brands include Jet-Tech professional washing systems, Axis Food Equipment, Kool-It refrigeration,  GO-3 food safety equipment, and Presto! food prep.
Over the years the company has released new products, though the Jet-Tech dishwasher remains its leading brand, supplying this recognizable product to the likes of Subway Restaurants and Burger King, to name a few. With the increase of inside support staff and outside sales distribution, MVP Group has been able grow its sales through these existing channels.

“We are a smaller firm so we pride ourselves on the element of service,” said Lee Dermer, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, MVP Group. “We now see ourselves growing through the introduction of our newer products, which have had excellent feedback.”

Product lines

According to the company’s website, “Jet-Tech manufactures the industry’s most complete and energy-efficient product range of niche ware-washing equipment”, including dishwashers, glasswashers, and higher-volume pot and pan washers.  Kool-It provides commercial refrigeration and display equipment, glass door coolers, sushi display coolers, countertop refrigerated display cases, and bakery and deli curved glass merchandisers. Axis Food Equipment provides mixers, slicers, meat grinders, vegetable cutters, food processors, and cooking equipment.

Therma-Tek cooking products, Sharp commercial microwaves, Sunkist juicers, Advance Tabco stainless steel products, as well as Arctic Air refrigeration product are also in place through Independent Canadian distribution channels.

Additionally, MVP Group has new products and byproducts that increase its volume and market share. Said Dermer, “We have provided new brands to the Canadian market. In terms of our expansion, we view it as creating a strong portfolio, coupling quality with pricing for a competitive end product for our clients.”

The GO-3 revolution

About six years ago, MVP Group began its research and development project known as GO-3, sold and launched last year as an ozone purification system to protect against food contamination and bring food safety to the No. 1 focus at MVP Group.

“GO-3 is a revolutionary product to the industry itself. Unlike food service we are now focusing on the food safety sector of the industry by offering products (sink assembly system, mobile cart system, wall-mount system, and ice machine system) that bring this to the forefront to ensure people are not at risk,” Dermer said. “Food safety has been neglected for far too long so the ultimate goal of these products is to eliminate bacteria from all food products.”

Unique to MVP Group is its ability to grow its Canadian operations through a time of economic uncertainty. “The industry itself has definitely taken a hit or a downturn, but from our perspective we have been able to complement our product lines with our quality and pricing ratio,” said Dermer. “Because of this and with end-users and restaurateurs alike being so price conscious, they have to prioritize. As a result, we have been very fortunate over the last three years to have had double digit growth in Canada for all of our distribution lines as well as our core product lines across Canada and the United States.”

High standard of service

A high standard of quality continues to bring MVP Group to the top. “It is a very competitive industry that has 10 to 15 competitors between categories, and the differentiating factor is the ability to service on hand, with face-to-face personal skills,” Dermer beamed. “We’ve implemented new protocol and personnel to complement our products that speak for themselves. We are the competitive model.”

Customer service is of the utmost importance to MVP Group.

“We have a strong network of representatives who have the same service and integrity,” Dermer summarized. “We’re never satisfied and we want to keep working toward a goal that the industry recognizes us as a viable and reliable supplier.”