Nétur Inc.

Aeronautical Specialists

Established in 1978, Nétur Inc. produces and assembles high-precision components for the aeronautical sector. With 35 years of experience in the industry, Nétur Inc. has established itself as a highly regarded and reputable manufacturer across the industry with its longstanding commitment to producing quality aeronautical parts offered at competitive prices. The company serves major clients such as UTC, in particular Pratt & Whitney Canada, Héroux Devtek Inc. and B/E Aerospace.

From its base in Saint-Hubert, Que., Nétur Inc. operates from a 42,000 square foot warehouse space, situated across the street from its previous facility still in function and in the heart of Montreal’s commercial aeronautical industry. It is in an easily accessible location for carriers and it is within close proximity to the Saint-Hubert airport.

Operational Growth

Over the years, Nétur Inc. has realized significant growth alongside the industry, where the company is now four times the size of its original operation, which includes its new state-of-the-art facility and technology, equipped with fully programmed and numerical controls that ensure high quality, consistent manufacturing.

“When I joined the company in 2000, our annual sales were $2 million,” Stéphane Turcotte, Vice-President of Nétur Inc., told The Canadian Business Journal. “Each year since then, we have grown by 20 per cent. We have definitely had a lot of growth. The main change since our inception and the reason for our growth is the new facility.”

New Markets

Today, Nétur Inc. employs more than 60 people and is recognized as a leading specialist in aeronautical component manufacturing. This past August, Turcotte travelled to Moscow to participate in the MAKS, better known as the International Aviation and Space Salon. This global trade exposition will present network opportunities for those in the aeronautical industry, and Nétur Inc. hopes to have used the exposition as its launching platform into the European markets, as the company sees an array of lucrative business opportunities in this market.

“We hope to begin developing our European market, signing some new contracts in those markets, and we would like to do that in the short-term,” Turcotte explained. “In the long-term, we are looking at the possibility of expanding with a plant in Poland.”

Looking toward the future, the company also sees opportunities in becoming a one stop shop for its clients. Such vertical integration will allow for the company to complete all of its service operations in-house, not having to utilize any external processing.

“We are looking to do a cleanliness process where we give all the components a nice clean of any residue or debris, especially before shipping to the client. That is our short-term plan. Down the road, we will be developing an internal paint shop so we can save on having to send this treatment to subcontractors,” explained Chadwick Lefebvre, Logistics Coordinator with Nétur Inc. “More and more, we are looking to develop vertically, to do all of the processes ourselves, whether it is painting or any special treatments that our components may require. Our goal is to be doing everything in-house in the next five years.”

Research and Development

Even through the recent recession, when the economics of the manufacturing sector took a turn for the worse, Nétur Inc. invested in its research and development processes in a reflection of its commitment to always offering the highest grade of aeronautical components. This experimental stage, in which Nétur Inc. produced about 200 new parts during this period, pushed the company through the restraints of the recession and, as a result, Nétur Inc. has now reached a greater capacity in both production and sales compared to its pre-recession levels, while still producing at a high quality rating.

“Down time is a good time to start looking at the more experimental side of the business,” Lefebvre summarized. “We are now at a stage where we have the capacity between our two plants to not only expand, but excel, and to eventually attract other clients to bring their treatment to us and not our competition. It is attractive to clients that we can do everything all in one spot, and as a result we feel that our client service and the reason for our repeat clients is because our quality is unmatched. The fact remains that we can produce high-precision, complex components for the aeronautical industry and that is something that a lot of our competition cannot do.”