Name Change: Montreal Saint-Hubert Airport becomes MET – Montreal Metropolitan Airport

LONGUEUIL, Quebec, Feb. 01, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Montreal Saint-Hubert Airport unveils its new brand identity today, solidifying its significant transformation into commercial aviation as the construction of the terminal progresses rapidly.

Henceforth, the airport located in Saint-Hubert since 1927 will be known as MET – Montreal Metropolitan Airport. The abbreviation MET will be used to enhance brand recognition and accessibility. The green line incorporated into its logo symbolizes the movement of the Saint Lawrence River, reflecting connectivity, mobility, and the dynamism of its new purpose. Its electric green color builds upon the previously used forest green, evolving the visual identity towards novelty and vibrancy, highlighting the organization’s commitment to the development of green and innovative technologies.

“With this substantial development, we are changing the very nature of the airport. Our ambition is to revolutionize the airport model, making it a source of collective pride and inspiring the world to view air transport differently. This is what the new identity of the airport represents,” stated Mr. Yanic Roy, CEO of MET – Montreal Metropolitan Airport. Upon the opening of the new terminal in the summer of 2025, airlines will serve the entire country. Consequently, MET will be propelled among the largest airports in Canada. In doing so, Montreal will join the trend of major world metropolises that benefit from multiple interconnected airports to meet their air transport needs. This complementarity is central to the development of MET – Montreal Metropolitan Airport and is expressed through four key commitments:

  • Revolutionize the airport model by initiating and adopting eco-friendly and cutting-edge practices.
  • Be a citizen airport serving the people and communities.
  • Contribute to making Montreal a leading airport destination.
  • Improve the connection of people in Quebec with the rest of the world.

More than just a name change, the new identity of MET – Montreal Metropolitan Airport is the promise of an innovative and different airport experience that listens to communities and industry stakeholders, initiates the latest advancements to build a leading, innovative, and sustainable airport model.

“We are not seeking growth at any cost. We are developing an airport in harmony with its environment, in consultation with communities, and utilizing its facilities to promote innovation and green transition. With MET – Montreal Metropolitan Airport, we aim to surpass the traditional model of air transport and contribute more to society,” specified Mr. Yanic Roy, President and CEO of the airport.

It is worth recalling that on February 27, 2023, the airport announced its partnership with Porter Airlines for the construction of a commercial terminal with a capacity of 4 million passengers annually. These investments of over $200 million mark the beginning of a significant transformation into commercial aviation serving major domestic destinations.


MET – Montreal Metropolitan Airport is a non-profit organization established in 2000 that owns the infrastructure and land. MET aims to showcase and exploit the full potential of this highly important airport for the Montreal region and the aerospace innovation hub of Longueuil. We are developing a new airport model that prioritizes human-scale air transport, eco-responsibility, community collaboration, and the integration of cutting-edge practices. With a main runway of 2.4 kilometers in length, MET – Montreal Metropolitan Airport can accommodate the majority of commercial aircraft in Canada. However, the airport has chosen to design its facilities to admit only quieter and more eco-friendly single-aisle aircraft. Its commercial terminal has been under construction since August 2023 and will be operational in the summer of 2025, accommodating 4 million passengers annually. Just 15 kilometers from downtown Montreal, MET – Montreal Metropolitan Airport is strategically located for airlines and business aviation. Its terminal will offer travelers unprecedented speed, aesthetics, and comfort.


MET – Montreal Metropolitan Airport

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