Nature Zen is Delighted to Launch Their High Quality Organic Plant-Based Protein on the US Market

ESSEX JUNCTION, Vt., Aug. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — For those who remember, 20 years ago being a vegetarian or sensitive to a plant-based diet was quite a challenge when dining out, grocery shopping, etc. For the past few years though, there has been an ongoing major transformation in the food industry and for the better! This change has been triggered by the increase in health problems, including overweight, diabetes, heart disease, etc., all across the globe. It is not only a problem in North America, it is everywhere… And this transformation is mainly thanks to a movement pushed by the new generations, who tend to be more conscious about their food choices.

Health and organic sections in conventional supermarkets and general food stores have never been so abundant. Year after year, the number of shelves proposing organic and animal free alternatives is increasing. We are now living in a new era where even top restaurants in New York City have completely converted their menus to adopt this new lifestyle that is vegetarian or vegan, preferring organically grown, eco-friendly, plant-based foods … today’s new must for the benefit of mind and body, when eating well can also be good for the planet.

Some key figures: Between 2018 and 2020, plant-based food sales have increased by 243% (source: New food Magazine) Wow! What’s more, these foods sales are in constant progression and, due to the pandemic, growing even faster than expected. To give you more insight, based on, searches for plant-based alternatives increased by 417% during 2020, in just one year…

Nature Zen, in complete sync with this new era, made this healthy, green choice 7 years ago and has been happily expanding and developing ever since! Nature Zen is a team of young entrepreneurs located in Canada and newly based in Essex Junction, Vermont, USA, which for the past 7 years has been manufacturing and innovating with 100% organic food products based on vegetable proteins. The CEO Isabelle Marcil, tells us how, in 7 years, they have gone from the sanitized basement of their offices to a highly automated plant certified GFSI-BRC, which is the highest standard in the food industry. “A dream that became reality, with a lot of effort,” she tells us with a happy, inspiring smile.

For many years now, Nature Zen products (whose main ingredients are rice and pea protein) have been selling in organic stores, supermarkets and pharmacies in Canada, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Japan…. The US market has opened this spring and later this year, Nature Zen will also open in the Middle East markets. What an ascension for this team of geniuses in healthy, green recipe developments! Thanks too to their scientific approach with Dr. Charles Dichamp and Dr. Laure-Anne Pierson, both Dr. in Pharmacy who lead the factory with all their knowledge and creativity.

Nature Zen has developed a unique expertise in plant-based protein (rice, pea and flax proteins) and its Mission is to create products not only for athletes or vegetarians, but for everyone, including the elderly and children; in fact for anyone who wants to develop, maintain or recover their strength and energy. We all need proteins to fuel our body! From organic plant-based protein powders (with multiple flavors and vitamins) to protein bars, Nature Zen offers a large range of products, all of which are organic, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and low in sugar. Pure happiness for your health and body! The statistics show that a tremendous change is on the way and the food industry will never be the same… A market that will reach 15.6 USD billions by 2026 as per different sources. Yes, it’s time for change… it’s time to eat wisely!

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