NCWC Inc. Dealer Services Helping To Revive The Used Car Industry

OCEAN, NJ–(Marketwired – Jun 18, 2017) – NCWC Incorporated Dealer Services is giving used car dealerships a breath of fresh air, which is one reason customers are giving used cars a second look.

It is no secret that the used car industry has not expanded its reach beyond people who cannot afford newer cars, but that is finally changing. The rise of car prices is pushing people away from new car dealerships, and these new customers need somewhere to turn, which is where used car dealerships come into the picture.

One thing that has prevented car buyers from buying used cars is the uncertainty of used cars. Most know that as a car ages the likelihood of running into mechanical problems increases. This is not to say that new cars will not experience issues, but it does not happen often. Car buyers do not want to deal with car payments in addition to car repairs, which could put some people in a tight spot.

NCWC Incorporated Dealer Services gives dealerships a helpful tool that can be useful for potential customers. Some customers are worried about mechanical issues plaguing them down the line. NCWC’s offers customers peace of mind at reasonable prices.

Most people have an idea of what automotive extended service plans are, but all plans come with differences that are worth paying attention to. What NCWC Inc offers dealerships goes above and beyond what others might provide.

First, the plans offered to dealerships includes everything that is expected from automotive extended service plans, from lockout services to roadside assistance. Major repairs are also covered through many of the company’s comprehensive plans. An owner with one of these contracts will not have to worry about out-of-pocket expenses should his or her car break down.

But NCWC Inc. does not stop there. Services come with more than just roadside assistance because they also cover car rental service expenses for drivers who are waiting for their cars to be fixed.

Renting a car is no picnic, and the prices can go up pretty high, so being able to offer customers car rental service coverage inspires a lot more confidence in used cars. Customers who love to travel might want to hear that the coverage is national; in fact, they could even drive to Canada and will still be covered.

There is still more to share. NCWC Inc. knows that one thing that troubles customers is being stranded far away from home when their car breaks down.

Sure, the plans offered by this company will provide roadside assistance, but the car issue could leave a person in the middle of nowhere. This is another issue that dealership’s can fix by sharing that NCWC Inc. offers Trip Interruption Protection. Car owners with this protection will be given up to $75 to pay for meals and lodging if they are more than 100 miles from their home.

Some automotive extended service plans have limitations on claims. This puts a damper on the entire service because customers do not know how many times their cars might need to be repaired. Savvy customers know that having limitations on claims is not a good thing, which is why NCWC Inc. offers plans without limitations.

Customers should also know that having this service plan will also add value to the car because the plans are transferable. Selling a used car is one of the perks of owning a car, but the price people are willing to pay is not always high. Many people want to buy a car that is well below the fair market value to get a deal. Well, car owners can tell potential buyers that the used car comes with additional protection, which should help them bump the price up a bit.

It is easy to see why potential car buyers are starting to check out used car dealerships. Thankfully, NCWC Incorporated Dealer Services is there to make used car buying a little easier.