Quality, control, dedication

Integrating solutions is at the core of Netpak’s success. The Canadian leader in packaging and commercial printing, Netpak has paved the way in customer service by improving all aspects of production and inventory operations for its clients.

Netpak is the new breed in high performance packaging and responsible printing. Having people with more than 35 years of experience in the industry, Netpak has maintained a large and loyal customer base by working in tandem with its clients to streamline its manufacturing process, saving time and money, and by being a supplier who understands its customers’ needs and industry.

Netpak’s packaging and commercial printing products includes packaging for many industries (food, nutraceutical, cosmetic, etc.), paper labels, posters and brochures, displays, annual reports, magazines and more. Netpak’s focus is the underserved mid- to high-tier business, who need quantities in the thousands and low millions, and whose inventory does not allow for the typical 10 to 12 weeks wait time of the industry.

“There is companies serving small company and the big ones but no one serves the middle range, the one that doesn’t need billions of printing copies or boxes but they want a little bit more than small quantity,” says Daniel Filion, Director of Marketing at Netpak. It is challenging to service mid-sized companies because it requires the capabilities of the big but you still have to produce economy of scale.

“In order to do this Netpak always has the very latest technology,” says Filion. “This [new technology] helps us with cost savings, make-ready time, everything that could help best use our resources.”

Because Netpak serves the mid- to high-range customer, and is not a big corporation, it is able to move much faster than those corporations, and go to lengths to ensure clients are not merely a number in a queue. “We base our reputation on quick delivery time and personalized service. We just acquired a brand new six colour press with U.V. varnish which has been working now for a month. This is the latest technology from Koening&Bauer (KBA), one of the biggest press makers in the world.”

This new press uses scanning technology to scan every sheet coming out of the press in real-time and at a rate or 18,000 sheets an hour. Should a solitary dot be missing or in the wrong place, the operator will be notified instantly and be able to check the issue. This type of control is a reoccurring theme for Netpak. In this business, control means less time, less errors, and more cost savings.

“The press is a very large investment. The only thing that differentiates a company is investing in the latest technology,” says Filion. “After that is the service and trying to find a way to do what other companies do not do. One of the big things our customer likes is our inventory management system.”

Netpak’s inventory management system is a comprehensive overview of the client’s inventory needs, from A to Z. When a client’s inventory gets down to a pre-determined number, Netpak will either let the client know, or will go ahead and produce more, depending on the arrangement, thus eliminating the chance of being out of stock.

“They receive their listing of inventory every day or week and are able to adjust their product needs accordingly. We are having everything in house so they don’t have to rent space. That’s the kind of service people are not used to; a headache that they don’t have to cope with.”

Control like this distinguishes Netpak from the crowd. Netpak applies its commercial printing machinery to the traditionally lengthier packaging printing business, creating turnaround times unheard of in most businesses.

“We try to look at every product that our customer has and see how it can be improved upon, whether it is printed related or die cutting, and gluing, etc. Most people have manufacturing lines which we visit and will look at their production facilities to understand how it works and how it can be modified. What can we do on our part to help them produce faster?”

Netpak received its ISO-9001 certification two years ago, achieving the highest standards in management and operations. The company will be branching out into the lucrative pharmaceutical packaging, the most highly regulated industry in packaging.

“Customers are asking for control, and the best way to guarantee it is with the best in technology. Pharmaceutical is a big share of the market, we know this is going to be a bit part of the future of the business. After that, we are looking into digital printing because conventional printing will be of the past, in the commercial side of the business. Our daily goal is to always increase control and to provide customers with faster and better boxes.”

That Netpak is able to offer that level of quality control speaks volumes to its dedication to the latest technology and providing cost-saving benefits onto the customer.