New App for your Staff On-the-Go

TORONTO, April 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Wingmate has just launched their new and updated app for Android and iOS. The new app comes with better performance indicators, an easy tracking system, and a fresh new look.

The idea behind Wingmate is to give every organization the tools they need to inspire clear communication, alignment and to out-team the competition. First tool required to do that, the Mobile App.

“The concept brings everyone in your organization together to drive sales and customer service in real-time. More importantly, we wanted to give front-line staff a voice, after all, they are the face of many service businesses,” said Matt Leuschner (President & CoFounder).

With Wingmate’s audio/visually-driven app, users quickly snap a geo-tagged pic, add voice notes or a brief description, and send the info back to their sales or service team to pursue in real-time. Staff on-the-go can capture information regarding opportunities in the field in seconds for their own sales staff to use in their follow-up.

Your frontline consists of all staff in the field; drivers, routes, CSRs, technicians, couriers, on-site staff, and door-to-door Scouts. From sales opportunities to safety or operational deficiencies, your frontline can capture all areas of relevant information.

Along with releasing their new app, the company has coined their new “Simple CRM” Solution. The app and the CRM work in tandem, providing an easy and organized way to keep track of progress and closed deals. Wingmate bridges the gap or disconnect between staff at the office and deskless teams in the field, creating a whole new set of eyes and ears acting in harmony with the company goals.

Wingmate’s frontline lead program is utilized by many different industry leaders looking to drive change and take advantage of the assets they already employ. Described Wingmate as a superb vehicle in their sales growth, employee engagement, and efficiency. See what many industry leaders have said regarding the ease, ability, and simplicity of the self-funding technology here.

Wingmate continues to help organizations capture valuable intel, communicate as a team, and give their staff the tools they need to work as one and accomplish their goals. Coming out of a worldwide pandemic, many believe the essential frontline staff is the future of growth, sales, and teamwork for many organizations.

Contact: Matt Leuschner
1 (888) 850 7190
[email protected]

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